The Ideal Client

I had a Tarot client today who came in and basically was going to say nothing and I was supposed to tell him all about his life.  He crossed his arms and looked at me in defiance.

Of all the clients I get, I find this one the worst.  Yes, the ones who don’t listen to your advice and who want to keep coming back for reading after reading can be trying.  Those that deny what you tell them but come back later sheepishly telling you that you were right can make you roll your eyes, but the ones who watch TV psychics and mediums and expect you to tell them all about their life as they do on the reality shows are the worst in my world.

Most Tarot readers/psychics/intuitives cannot read minds. We can certainly pick up emotions and sometimes connect with guides and angels.  These types of clients block their emotions and offer nothing to help us to understand how they can best be served.  And our primary purpose is not to predict the future (though we can and often do) but to best serve and assist our clients. In order to get a great Tarot reading, they NEED TO BE OPEN.  If you are psychically shut down, we can’t give you a good reading.  The best reading will come from a cooperative client who truly wants some understanding of an issue in their lives. I don’t know exactly why Tarot cards work (something about synchronicity and symbolism) but I do know that they work best with a cooperative client. The more cooperative the client, the more able the reader will be to connect with the client’s life, people around them and even their guides and angels. And occasionally deceased loved ones.

I know it’s easy to expect for us to have an instant knowing of everything in your life when you watch TV and the psychics on TV supposedly tell all. But just notice, as my friend and fellow psychic Ken points out, those shows are scripted.  If they are so all knowing, why are they scripted? When you see the final product on TV, all the misses are edited out.

I think it’s also important to understand the difference between a Tarot reader, a psychic and a medium. A medium talks to people who have passed.  I have watched some amazing mediums work, and they really do talk to dead people. And the dead people they talk to are the ones who want to be heard. In other words, they don’t just connect with anyone, they connect with the spirits that want to communicate. This is where they get very specific information. I’m not necessarily a medium (though sometimes I am, but not enough to call myself one), so I don’t have a deceased loved one telling me when your birthday is or that you put a  pink rose in their casket. As an empath, I do pick up on the feelings of both the deceased and the living.

A psychic can pick up on people in your life and get an understanding of how you interact and what your relationships are. Some psychics can pick up information from objects (psychometry) and some can predict the future. Some readers pick up emotions from their clients and the people around them.  These are empaths. Other readers can connect with your angels and guides. And this might all vary from reading to reading, depending on questions in our clients’ minds and how open they are to getting a reading. I have known some great readers who can do nothing more than read Tarot cards. And I have known some amazing psychics/mediums who have worked with the police to solve crimes.

It’s a good idea to inquire about the skills of the person who will do your reading to see if their skills fit your expectations.  But don’t expect them to read your mind and don’t expect them to be all knowing.  No one is, despite claims to the contrary. Think about what you have learned and see if it resonates with you. Don’t make major decisions solely on a Tarot reading.  Things can change.  The universe is fluid, not static.

It’s also helpful to know that nothing is etched in stone.  A reading is like a lineup of dominoes.  Pull one out of the line and they fall in a different way than as they were before.  The reading is likened to pulling the domino out; you have already changed the future by learning about it.  I think a reason to get a reading is to get an informed opinion about an issue in your life so that it can help you to make decisions. It’s not the final word; that should come from you.

As for me, I’ve been reading Tarot cards for 25 years.  I also am an empath,  clairvoyant and a Life Coach. I occasionally connect with deceased loved ones and spirit guides and angels. But not every reading. Because I am a psychic and a Life Coach, I can with accuracy predict how things will turn out and help my clients to find workable solutions to their problems.  That’s my greatest joy. My ideal client will come in with some questions and an open mind and a genuine desire to make their life better, work out that romantic or family problem, grow spiritually, or learn how their professional life will evolve.

Generally speaking, we stay away from medical questions.  We are not doctors.  We also don’t predict death as we are not gods. Spying on people is not ethical. Nor is telling people what they want to hear in order to get them to keep coming back.  And a real psychic/medium will not tell you are cursed, offer to break curses, offer to return lovers who have left, or balance your karma. These are SCAM ARTISTS.  An ethical psychic will charge a reasonable fee, not thousands of dollars, or offer to burn candles for you.

The more open and focused you are during your reading, the better your reading will be.  Try and formulate some questions in your mind, or decide on an area or two of your life you would like to investigate with the Tarot.  Open your mind and your heart and you will get an amazing reading!

Blessings, Ravenhawk (Georgia)


Reiki in the Age of Uncertainty

I was chatting today with a friend and I told her how I survived all the years I didn’t have health insurance.  Luckily, I never had anything very serious, and this blog is not to imply that Reiki can heal everything and you shouldn’t see your doctor when you need to. Please see a doctor for all serious conditions.

On the subject of doctors, I did finally find one who doesn’t take insurance and you pay as you go.  This type of doctor is popping up all over now because insurance has become so cumbersome, expensive and time consuming.  These types of doctors charge a monthly fee, and then charge per office visit.  My doctor charges $25 per month and a $40 office visit, that includes basics tests in the fee. I would highly recommend finding such a doctor for people who have lost their insurance, Medicaid, Medicare through the actions of our current government.

Having imparted that bit of information, on to Reiki. For many years, my main job was in retail store management and dog grooming.  These are two professions that are very hard on the body and I suffered many an aching back.  The worst physical problem I experienced was plantar fasciitis, an excruciating painful situation in the arches of the feet.  I was walking nearly 8 hours a day in a 10,000 foot store.  I limped around for a month or so before I remembered that I was a Reiki practitioner.  I spent several days giving myself Reiki treatments and one day when I was walking, I noticed that I was no longer in pain. My job continued, so I was still walking around all day.  The condition never came back.

Reiki is a form of energy healing.  It works by allowing the healthy flow of energy through the body.  Energy becomes blocked in areas of pain, disease and injury.  A Reiki treatment helps the body to heal itself. Reiki relieves stress and pain.

Reiki is helpful when you are stressed or in pain.  In fact, many hospitals today are using Reiki volunteers to help those patients who are accepting of such things. It is especially helpful to chemotherapy patients as it helps to lessen the intensity of side effects of the treatments. It is also helpful for surgery patients. One client came to me after experiencing Reiki in the hospital while having her gall bladder removed.  It calmed her and reduced the pain and healing time. After that she learned Reiki, mostly to help her cat who had been given a terminal diagnosis.  The cat lived several years more after her Reiki ministrations.

I have also heard that Reiki reduces bleeding during and after surgery.  This is just what I’ve heard from clients; I’ve never experienced it myself so I don’t know for sure.

Anyone can learn Reiki.  You can learn to treat yourself and your family and friends, or you can learn to become a practitioner.  Level I and II are generally the family and friends while Level III, Master Practitioner prepares you to see clients and start your Reiki business.  Level III, Master Teacher allows you to teach Reiki to your own students.

You don’t need to have any special skills, although if you want to start a Reiki business some basic business skills and people skills are very helpful.  I have taught four year olds Reiki, as well as an eighty year old man.  And every age and situation in between. One of my students was a diagnosed schizophrenic and I have had several with bipolar illness.  In all cases, Reiki was reported to be helpful to them. I found the four year olds easiest to teach because they are the most open and least judgmental.

I also think that in light of our current opioid crisis, Reiki can really help by reducing the pain of medical procedures and perhaps eliminating the need for narcotics and it can help reduce the pain and stress associated with opioid withdrawal. Perhaps if doctors prescribed Reiki treatments instead of Oxycontin, we could reduce the amount of people addicted to these drugs.  But I don’t think the drug companies would like that, so it’s necessary for people to take control of their own healing and seek out a Reiki practitioner.

I can’t really legally say that Reiki has actually healed any condition.  Perhaps scientific trials will prove that someday and I can say it.  But it certainly can never hurt to try.

I teach Reiki I, II and III levels. Reiki I and II can be taught via the internet.  So if you live in an area or country where it is not available, you still can learn Reiki.

We have to take control of our lives because the help we need may not be available.  And if something as non-invasive, and non-addictive as Reiki can make a difference, why not try it?

Blessings, Georgia

You read all about Reiki and energy healing in Georgia’s book, Reiki, Crystals and Chakras, available on Amazon.




The eclipse this month is in the sign of Leo.  Leo is the sign of the king.  It’s also a fire sign, and signifys the burning of anything that holds back freedom (Aquarius). It’s also interesting to note that the last total solar eclipse to happen only in the United States was in 1776 when the States declared their freedom from the King of England.

The shadow side of that time was the fact that many of the men who fought for freedom were also slave holders.  So even though many years would pass before the slaves were freed, freedom for all was born of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

There is no doubt in my mind that things will come to a head in the next few months.  We will be challenged to redefine our concept of freedom and liberty for all.  With Mercury retrograde at the same time, we will most likely have to review this many times before everything is settled.

While Leo is the King, it’s opposite sign is Aquarius, which is the sign of brotherly love, freedom and peace.  So I believe we will be going back and forth between the two signs for quite some times. The recent lunar eclipse was also in the signs Leo/Aquarius.

The sign of Leo is also the sign of personal/romantic love.  Aquarius is universal love, love of fellow humans, unconditional love, and brotherly love.  So there needn’t be a fight between them, but there has been between selfless love and selfish love. This will play out on a personal level too, and the severity of it will depend on where in your chart you have the signs of Leo/Aquarius.

So will we follow the Leo path of the “I” or the Aquarian path of “we”? We will certainly have many opportunities to find out.



Reiki Chants

I am listening today to Reiki Chants, by Jonathan Goldman. OK, I have no excuse for why I never discovered this amazing recording before.  It was released in 2006.  That said, I have now discovered it and I love it.

It’s an hour long, which is the perfect timing for a Reiki session.  Each of the four Reiki symbols, Power, Mental/Emotional, Distance and Master, are given a section of chant.  It’s ok though, for those of us who still like to think the Symbols are a secret.  They are not readily recognizable to anyone but a Reiki practitioner.

I believe in the power of the Reiki symbols.  I know some practitioner don’t, but I am well aware of the value of chants and mantra. Calling on the symbols and using their names brings power to the healing and opens the Chakras (especially the Heart Chakra).

I’ve been playing it as part of my morning meditation, and to use in sending distance healing.  Today I’m using it to send Reiki to a dear friend who is having an uncomfortable medical procedure to diagnose a possibly serious illness.  I also love to play the Medicine Buddha Reiki (I am also a Medicine Buddha Reiki Master) chant and the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. I chant the latter for those who are passing, or who are facing that possibility.  It’s “The Great Mantra for Overcoming Death”.

Because of my background in Bhakti Yoga, or the Yoga of devotion, I find chant to have many wonderful effects.  The Sanskrit language was developed to enhance spiritual development and I have found it actually changes the brain.  Where once my brain was flooded with negative thoughts, Bhakti Yoga chants replaced those negative thoughts with the chants.

And as many may know, each of our Chakras has a Sanskrit seed sound which may be chanted to open and align all the Chakras.  A great recording that I enjoy is Bija Mantras, Watering the Seeds by Jai Uttel.

Well, anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent but I wanted to share some wonderful recordings with you.  Check them out.

Love & Light, Georgia

Shadowscapes Tarot Review

I just received this gorgeous deck from a dear friend for my birthday.  She wanted to get a deck I probably didn’t have and that was beautiful.  It was recommended to her from the owner of the store where she bought it and it certainly hit the mark!

This deck is in my favorite colors…soft pastel lavenders, silver, greens, yellows and blues. Metallic silver borders make them feel rich.  Very appealing to a Cancer!  At first, I thought all the images looked the same but when I took time to really look, they are quite different and quite beautiful. I am spending a lot of time just looking at the artwork, which is quite beautiful.

I’ve had a lot of gorgeous artsy decks but the question is always, “Can I read from them?”. Many of them don’t cut it for me, but this deck does.  I think it has to do with the gorgeous artwork and that I resonate with the colors.  It’s also inoffensive to clients, who are sometimes put off by the Rider Waite Death, Devil and Tower card.

Another friend who has them suggested that they would be better if they were a little bigger. I would like a little thicker card stock but it’s adequate.

They come in a very beautiful and usable box with a great book to help you learn the cards.

The deck is by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore and available on Amazon.

Grab a deck if you can.  You won’t regret it.

Reiki, Now More Than Ever

I first learned Reiki way back in 1993.  I was going through a terrible time in my life and I happened into a metaphysical store and met some wonderful people.  The owner of the store was a Reiki Master and talked me into getting my first attunement.  Without really understanding the incredible impact Reiki would have on my life, I took the attunement and proceeded through 1997 to take all the levels of Reiki. Since I took my Reiki Master I have been teaching Reiki and have attuned hundreds of students.

Over the years I learned many metaphysical modalities but Reiki was the one that really got me through life.  For many years I worked as a dog groomer and a retail manager, trying to raise my kids and learn as much as I could about alternative healing of body, mind and spirit.  Those were hard years and for many of them I had no health insurance. Even when I worked for a big box type pet store, they didn’t offer health insurance.

Working those types of jobs took a terrible toll on my body.  I suffered pain in my wrists, back and feet.  I got so bad at one point with Plantar Fasciitis that I could barely walk.  It took me awhile to realize that I could in fact use Reiki on myself, as I was very focused on using it for my clients.  After about of week of daily Reiki, my foot healed and I never had it again.  There were many aches and pains over the years, but Reiki never let me down.

My point is that we are not totally helpless in the current healthcare situation.  I find what is going on with healthcare in the US appalling, but I do know that there are many things I can heal on my own, or with the help of other alternative health practitioners. Reiki has gotten me through and I’m sure it will continue to help.

So don’t just sit and let all this happen.  Take your power.  Learn Reiki.  Learn alternative healing. It’s one of the many ways we can FIGHT BACK.

Love & Light, Georgia


Spiritual Etiquette

I love to visit different places of worship, from Orthodox Churches to Hare Krishna Temples.  Probably because I have a rising sign in Sagittarius, the sign of religion and philosophy, religion and spirituality intrigue me.  Before I visit, however, I consult Google to see what the customs are.  I think it’s very important to respect cultural rules and mores.

Lately however, I’ve found that in spiritual not religious circles, people are disrespectful in events I have facilitated.  I am assuming it comes from ignorance, so that’s why I’m writing this blog.

Most often encountered is tardiness.  Recently, I participated in a Full Moon Circle.  We created an energetic Circle.  The Circle is created in order to intensify the energy that is raised for our purposes. In this case we were letting go of negative belief systems that held us back.  So it was pretty intense.  In the middle of the Circle, during out meditation, a person came 40 minutes late and was banging on the (glass) door.  I motioned to her that I couldn’t let her in, and she became quite irate.  A few months ago, we were in the middle of a meditation during Reiki Circle and had the same issue with a late comer. In this instance, she told me how RUDE I was and was quite angry.

So the lesson here is simple:  if you want to attend a spiritual event, any event, BE ON TIME.  To come late is to be very disrespectful to the people facilitating the event and to the participants. To come late is to disrupt the flow of energy, the concentration of meditators and to simply disturb the the event in a way that is rude.  So be ON TIME!

Another no-no is not to touch someone else’s sacred tools without asking. This includes crystals, wands, Wiccan tools, drums, rattles and etc.

Dress properly and respectfully.  I once had someone come to a serious event with her breasts quite literally hanging out.  Also, don’t talk out of turn or laugh loudly.  Don’t interrupt when someone else is talking.

So next time you go to a spiritual event, be courteous and respectful.  If you have any questions at all, contact me.