My heart breaks when I see the grocery stores empty. It hits home that so many people are hoarding. People who probably don’t need all they’ve hoarded, yet there are people who need some of it badly. Think of the people who are immune compromised, old, sick, newborn babies…with no cleaning supplies, what is life like?

What brought us here? Our insatiable need to kill every living thing. For some, to eat every living thing. Greed, narcissism….Our culture is based on consumption. It’s in our faces every day. We worship people like the Kardashians, sports heroes, the rich and famous, yet the real heroes, teachers, health care workers, social workers, go without even a thank you.

We are consuming everything on the planet. Sucking out Her insides, polluting, destroying. Mass extinction of species, on a daily basis. These are our lessons in this crisis. Will we get it?

For years I’ve felt like I don’t belong here. I cannot understand why things are the way they are. Do they not see that all the boundaries we have established are artificial? There are no countries. There are no religions. All roads lead to the same place. Just because one person’s road is decorated differently than another’s doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

Please, humanity, wake up before it’s too late. The Planet will survive. I think she’s been demonstrating that lately – pollution levels down without humanity running around destroying Her. Wildlife flourishing in the radiation of Chernobyl. She can, and will, survive us, but will we, as a species survive?

WE MUST CHANGE. And now. This is a slap on the head from the Universe. Next time, we may receive the club over the head, and it will be far worse.


Be Careful What You Ask For

Many years ago, one of my dear friends wanted to get married. As she was Wiccan, she did a spell to attract her great love, complete with spider webs and candles. I never asked her if she danced naked in the moonlight….

She made a list of all her requirements, the most important being, “a spiritual man”. Well, he turned up soon after. The universe in it’s perfect sense of humor sent her a “spiritual man”, a die-hard Hare Krishna, complete with Dhoti and tilak. It was the one thing she hadn’t considered and that’s what she got. The happy ending to the story is that they are still married and quite happy, 20 something years later, despite their spiritual diversity. They are happily married because of their tolerance for their spiritual diversity…..

At that time, I decided to try the same thing as I was looking for a forever love. So I did the rituals, wrote down my requirements and waited. He appeared not too soon afterwards, everything I asked for except for one thing: he was many years younger than I was. I’d never thought of that! I could never quite get my head around that, so he went, and I was broken- hearted, and there were many lessons afterwards that made me reconsider my thoughts on the matter. But that’s another story.

I read for a client once who wanted a man in her life. She had a list too. Since she was a recovered alcoholic, she wanted a man who absolutely did not drink and because her grandchildren meant so much to her, he must also have and love children. My thoughts about the matter were that in her manifestations she’d eliminated the man who might not care enough about drinking to stop having that beer with the guys and the man who may not have had an opportunity to have children, but could fall completely in love with her grandchildren. How limiting!

That’s how the universe works. There’s a lesson in everything for us. So my advice to you is, be careful what you wish for. I’ve learned to keep it really broad, like, “for my highest good” and for the “perfect situation”. Then “They” can’t play any more tricks on me!

Blessings, Georgia


Animal Soul Mates?

This past spring I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a dog again. I hadn’t had one in 3 years, because I was so brokenhearted loosing the last one, a sweet little female Chihuahua. So I started looking for a dog, not too seriously.

I came across a little Yorkie in my neighborhood Facebook group. She was free, complete with all her accouterments. I thought, when I read the ad, that would be perfect. So I met her, and didn’t feel compelled to adopt her, even though she was pretty cute.

A few weeks later, my roommate texted me that she and her boyfriend walked by Petsmart and saw that they were having a dog adoption and there were some dang cute dogs in their pen. She sent me a photo. My eyes immediately went to this little beige Chihuahua who called out to me. So I went to the adoption, not sure I really was going to get a dog, I was just going to look…..

Well, I went, and she was still there, mixed in amongst 6 or 7 other dogs. I asked the lady if I could hold her, and she put her in my arms. It was love at first sight for both of us. It was particularly amazing to me weeks later, because she really is terrified of people. But the amazing thing was she immediately cuddled up to me and I could tell she loved me too.

So I was thinking on our morning walk today how well she fit into my life. How she is so eager to please me, and so well behaved. She didn’t know how to walk on a leash. In fact, I don’t think she was ever outside, judging by her reaction when I first took her out.

She plopped herself down on the driveway and just looked around, like what was this? Then she refused to walk at all on her leash. The next day I texted my friend Shannon, and asked if we could all go to the park together (he has two little dogs). My thinking was she would see his dogs walking on the leash and follow. It worked like a charm!

Well, anyway, I wonder if it’s possible that we could have dog soul mates? If we can, then Daphne is truly mine!

Anyone else have similar experiences?

Dog Dreams

Many, many years ago, when I got married, my then husband bought me a 7 week old Toy Poodle as a wedding gift.  Little did I know that Sebastian, as I named him, would be the start of a life long career for me in the pet industry.  I became a breeder, exhibitor, groomer, trainer, and seller and champion of fine dog food food.  I only recently retired.

Sebastian lived for 14 years.  My heart broke when I had to put him to sleep.  There were many memorable Poodles for me over the years — Spicey, Dodie, Trek, Buddy, and more.

Over the years, Spicey and Sebastian have come to me regularly in dreams.  I always wake up feeling so blessed to have been able to spend time with them.  Usually they are running around, playing, and I’m worrying about them getting out and getting lost, just like I did when they were alive.

Last night I dreamed about another dog i loved, a large white mixed breed.  I’ve never dreamed about her before. Her name was Ubee, and she probably passed away in the 90s.  She stayed with my ex-husband after the divorce, so I never really saw her again.  She was a very beautiful, kind and loving dog.

In my dream, she was sitting next to my bed, and was somewhat transparent.  I exclaimed, “Ubee!” and went to pet her but she walked off and then disappeared.

I have heard it said that these visits are real.  I really don’t know; my feeling is that they are.  It is so nice to know that they live on, just in another form.

Love and Light, Georgia

Before and After a Reiki Session

This blog is for Reiki practitioners. It will detail what you should do before and after administering a Reiki Session.

BEFORE: Begin by saging the room. You can also use an energy bell and walk around the room sounding the bell. Place the Power Symbol in each of the four corners of the room, by drawing with your finger or you mind. Draw the rest of the symbols over your Reiki table. Draw the Power Symbol over your body and in the palms of your hands. Fold your hands in Gassho position and ground yourself, and place protection around you with white light, prayer or any other method you find reliable. Move your folded hands to cover your Third Eye and ask your guides and angels as well as your client’s to guide you where you need to go. You are ready to begin.

AFTER: When you are done, wash your hands. This is not only sanitary, but the water will break the connection. Clean your crystals and other equipment and sage the area.

The best method for psychic protection is of course to keep your own vibration high with proper diet, lots of water, regular spiritual practice and walking your talk. Remember to always disconnect yourself from your clients. Don’t take on their issues.

Happy Healing!

Just Because You Are A Reiki Master….

…doesn’t mean you don’t get sick.

I recently read a blog about people thinking that because you are a Reiki Master it doesn’t mean you are immune to illness and life threatening situations. This is very true. We get sick, we die, just like everybody else.

It’s putting an awful lot on Reiki to think that it can cure everything. It can’t. Somethings are just beyond Reiki. Reiki can’t keep a person from dying, but it can make the passing easier. I’ve worked with many people at end of life and found that Reiki makes it a less stressful, less painful passing. But the end result was the same.

I recently experienced a life threatening illness. This even though I am a Reiki Master. What I can say is that all the people in my life sending Reiki kept me calm and in less pain than I should have been experiencing. And I am recovering, with the help of Reiki.

I have to admit I’m a bit like the “shoemaker’s kids”. They have the worst shoes on the block, because their dad is spending all his time making shoes for other people. So too it is for us healers….we are usually the last on the list to receive healing.

Thank you for all the well wishes, and of course for the Reiki.

Much Love, Georgia


I’ve done a lot of work on dream and metaphysical symbolism in the course of my work. I’ve come to the conclusion that you may want to throw out your dream dictionaries, or at least be open to a greater interpretation of symbolism.

I, for example, dream about dogs all the time. Dogs are symbolic of loyalty, faithfulness and family. Looking back over my dreams, I don’t think they had any such message. I worked for many years as a dog breeder, groomer and trainer so often I was dreaming about my profession. If a dog came to me in a dream needing grooming, it reflected my day, rather than being a message about loyalty. Sometimes I would dream that I had forgotten to feed my dogs, and suddenly remembered. This indicated to me that I had some concerns about my work.

Another option I would add is that if you dream about a certain animal, look to a book or Google “Totem Animals”, or “Spirit Animals”. Ted Andrews authorized two excellent books on this topic. When an animal comes to you in a dream, it has a lesson for you to learn. Spirit Animals are great teachers and come to usher us to the next level of our spiritual development.

So expand your knowledge of symbolism and spirit animals. Go beyond the traditional dream dictionaries or symbol books. Each symbols must be taken in the context of the person who is encountering it. Each symbol must be taken in the context of the greater spiritual meaning.

Learn from your dreams and symbolic encounters to help you reach a greater level of spiritual consciousness.

What is an AstroCoach?

​A Life Coach bridges the gap between your deepest desires and reality.  Because I am also an Astrologer, we can get to the heart of issues and discover your life’s purpose in our first session. Astrology, from my point of view, is a blueprint of our soul’s purpose. I can help you zero in on what you truly wish to manifest for your life.  If you are at a point where you are frustrated by the fact that you are not moving forward and not living the life you envision, I can help you transform your life.

Most people feel, at least once in their lives, that they have lost their sense of purpose and direction. Many times, this is impeded by their past:  childhood issues, relationship issues, educational issues and also karmic issues. All of these issues and many more are reflected in the Astrology chart.  Remember, the planets were situated in this way at the time of birth. This means, of course, some things are definitely fated. Fate, however, is the opportunity; free will is what you do with it. Fate is merely an opportunity to move beyond restrictions. Because humans have been given free will, how we react and handle our fate is completely up to the individual.​

By discovering the blocks and issues and finding a way to navigate through them, my clients can lead purposeful lives and experience joy and success in their careers and personal lives. Because I am a Certified Life Coach, finding solutions in addition to identifying issues is critical in my consultations. I also do follow-ups via email free of charge. I truly believe that there is a solution to every problem.​

My sessions are results oriented. That means that we focus, together, on prioritizing your goals, setting definable goals and breaking them down into increments so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.  You will never feel alone, but rather you will feel supported.  I am with you throughout the process.  You may send email and texts throughout along with personal meetings.  There is no charge for texting and email.

Your first consultation is approximately an hour.  

This does not include the research I do prior to our meeting. After our meeting you will be mailed a computer generated basic report on your personal chart.  I recommend a follow up session to discuss the information you have processed and to outline a course of action to achieve your goals. A third meeting will access your progress and make readjustments, if necessary. ​

The types of consultations I offer include the following:  Life Coaching sessions, Personal natal chart with current transits; natal chart consultation with life coaching, relationship synastry consultation (romance, business or family); yearly update report including current transits and Solar Return (birthday) consultation.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Today is Teacher Appreciation day. I want to thank my student, Mary Lowry for taking the time to make me feel that what I do is all worth it! Love you Mary.

I also want to thank the two most influential teachers in my life, both deceased unfortunately. The first was Juanita Peterson, Astrologer Extraordinaire. I cherish the many 12 hour days Christine Starmountain and I spent there, analyzing charts and rummaging through her massive library. Thank you for the gift of Astrology.

The other was Dr. Judith Larkin-Reno, when I attended her Gateway University and our subsequent friendship that extended until her passing. Judith always had an answer for those really complicated spiritual questions and gave me a kick in the ass when I needed it. Thank you for your mentoring and most of all for your friendship.

Statement About the Chabad Shooting

I’m just sitting here pondering what to say. I like to keep politics out of my business life. We are all entitled to our opinions.

But we are not entitled to hate, whether it is in the name of religion, or politics or nationalism. I am sitting here watching the world slip back into the hatred of the Second World War, the hatred that seems to have followed us throughout human history. On a metaphysical level, I have to wonder if these haters are reincarnated over and over again in different situations. Is that possible?

Yesterday, a shooter entered a Congregation Chabad in Poway, killing one person and wounding others, all the while spewing anti-Semitic slogans. A lovely lady, Lori Kaye, (pictured above) was killed trying to protect the Rabbi. Look at her face.

Chabad is about 3 miles from my office, and around the block from where I used to live in Poway. This hit pretty close to home.

The fact is, our “president” condones this behavior. He has said, when commenting on the violence in Charlottesville, “You had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.” “Very fine people” don’t hate. Very fine people don’t kill another person for his or her beliefs. Very fine people are not white nationalists or KKK. These people are far from fine, in fact, they are evil.

Someone very close to me repeated the standard NRA lie, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. From that convoluted logic, we can also say that in the macrocosm, nuclear weapons don’t kill people, people kill people, and justify giving nuclear weapons to Iran and North Korea. Guns and nuclear weapons exist for only one purpose: to kill. It hurts me to hear someone I care about take this position.

I don’t believe that people are entitled to say and do as they please. It seems like our society is giving the ok to allow people to hate and discriminate and hide behind the guise of their “religion”. Our religious freedom in the US doesn’t work that way. We are allowed to practice our religion and there shall be no “American” religion. That doesn’t give us the right to discriminate and kill people who worship differently than us. There are other laws protecting them. And I think that if your religion teaches you to hate, you truly need another religion.

Forgetting law however, I am deeply upset to see that humanity fails to advance spiritually. For the last 25 years of my life, I have worked to try and heal people and to show the way to a deeper spirituality that realizes we are all one. That we are connected in many ways and what we do to our brothers and sisters, we do to ourselves. Then I look at the political climate in this country, and all the shootings and evil rhetoric and I wonder, has it all been in vain? So many healers and light workers have worked so hard to make the world a better place, and then we come to this.

Lately, I’ve become fascinated with the concept of DNA analysis and love to watch TV programs about it. I love to see the expression on the very white man’s face when he finds out that his great grandfather was a Black slave. Or the person who thought they were “pure blooded Italian” finds out they have Middle Eastern DNA. My own DNA indicated that I had Turkish DNA as well as European Jewish, even though I was told I was “pure Greek”.

I think this indicates that quite literally, quite materially, when we hate other groups such as Blacks, Jews, Turks (the Greeks hated the Turks) we are quite literally hating ourselves.

We can do better than this. As a society, we have to stick together and speak out against hatred, racism and white nationalism. I’m not planning on staying silent as did many people during the rise of Nazism . Or any other of the myriad times in our human history that we took up hatred, racism and nationalism. It’s time now to take a stand and put a stop to sliding down the very slippery slope we are on.

In the words of the immortal Albus Dumbledore, “There will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.”