Living in a world that is fractured and polarized is exceedingly difficult.  Sometimes I wonder what on earth I’m even doing here because I certainly don’t fit in.

I watch people scurry through their lives, flittering away a great opportunity for growth and expansion as souls, but all they seem to do is chase after this or that material thing or experience.  They fill their lives up with fun and games and all types of entertainment, but really never experience the deep fulfillment of acknowledging their inherent oneness with all that exists.

It seems quite apparent to me that everything has spiritual essence, from humans down to the seemingly inanimate rock.  Trees, birds, butterflies, even the wind has an essence that connects us all.  And, on the level of quantum physics, everything is connected.  We are as connected to our garbage and oil spills as we are to one another.

As time goes by, and we destroy this world more and more, it seems as though humanity will never wake up until some terrible disaster forces it.  Does it have to come to that point?  Can’t we see without suffering that we are all connected, and what we do to the earth we do to ourselves?

The endless greed and need for personal power overrides everything.  I was reading an editorial on Facebook where the opinion was put forth that we should not boycott BP gas stations, because individuals own them whose livelihood would be ruined if we do so.  So we are not going to do anything about this mess that BP has perpetrated because it might ruin someone’s ability to have cable TV and two or three cars in the garage?  Don’t we understand that we are completely negating the future of our children’s children?

We can’t produce vehicles that run on anything other than gasoline because it would destroy the economies of certain factions of the world.  We can’t implement anything that would benefit the ecology of this planet because it would hurt this person or that corporation or that government.  So we continue to destroy the future of our planet and our species, as well as the thousands of other species that share this planet.

How long will it take for humanity to wake up to their inherent oneness in all things?  Take the time to feel the wisdom of the breeze upon your face, the knowledge held in the oak tree, the adherence to the laws of nature in the heart of the raven, and drink the beauty in the ocean.  Oppose those who pollute and rape and pillage our planet.  Sit in silence every day and ask to feel your own oneness with all that is.  Do this on a daily basis and slowly, you will begin to understand.

(Photo, Georgia Vlahos inside a Redwood tree, Muir Wood, November 2009)


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