I had a rare day off yesterday…everyone cancelled on me.  So I went up to Escondido to my bird store to get some supplies.  Then I walked over to the little French cafe my friend and business associate, Lady Brenda and I meet at to discuss our event plans for some Beef Bourguignon which is made from scratch there and is really excellent.  I had to wait a little for my food, and while I sat there stressing over how much time I was wasting, I noticed an elderly man sitting at the table in front of me.  He had a cup of coffee, a French pastry and a magazine that he was reading, line by line, with his finger.  He looked totally relaxed and calm, enjoying the morning.  I looked around, and there were several others drinking coffee and relaxing and it made me think about myself and my life.  I rarely take any time to just sit and enjoy doing nothing.  It was amazing to me to realize that there were actually people who could do this…

It made me think of my father, who talked all his life about what he was going to do when he retired…paint, sculpt, make his little electronic boxes (though we never knew what they did), travel, and just relax.  P.S., he died at age 59 and never did retire.

So I can’t help but think of time and making the best of it, relaxing and doing the things I enjoy and love, like sitting in the backyard and watching all the interesting critters that flutter by, like the beautiful swallowtail butterfly that visits, or the red dragonfly with the bulging eyes and little face, or listening to the beautiful bird songs,  feeding the Koi and watching them in their feeding frenzy. I brought my Parrot out too, and enjoyed watching her listen to all the bird sounds and try to figure out the trickling water sound in the pond.  I have to learn to take the time to enjoy this world, because I am after all, 58 this year.   The truth is, we can go at any time at all, so carpe diem.


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