It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. It seems like it’s been only a moment. Time moves ever on.

The thoughts that have been occupying my mind concern freedom and the principles that built this country. Over the years, I have watched our freedom erode, at first surreptitiously, but during the last Bush administration, blatantly.

I first noticed it during the Reagan administration. In my mind, at the time, Reagan was a decent president. But I can remember watching Jerry Falwell’s TV talks, and I felt my blood boil. Here was a man who wanted to impose his “moral” views on the entire US. “The Moral Majority” was what he called his organization. This “moral majority” held “Christian” views…..judge everyone, except for yourself.

What really later made my blood boil was the fact that he dined regularly with then President Reagan. That just didn’t sit right.

That I think was the beginning of the takeover of the United States by the Christian Right.

We began moving into unnecessary wars in the Gulf and finally came to the president I think was the personification of the Anti-Christ, George W. Bush. In his administration, we declared war on the Mid East and Islam, using the excuse of the tragedy of September 11.

Our citizens handed over their rights in the born out of fear policy known as “The Patriot Act”. Invoking images of 1776, it rather removed some of those freedoms so hard fought for in 1776.

It became politically correct to hate Gay people and to try and legislate the morality of the Christian Right. The government now feels it should trod into the bedrooms and uteruses of it’s people to impose its Christian viewpoint.

The Wall of Separation (Thomas Jefferson) between Church and State and is crumbling. So with it goes our personal freedoms. Big business, the AMA, insurance companies and the oil companies are taking over, protected by elected officials who care only for the rich, white Christian right.

And if I hear one more time how “America is addicted to oil” I will pull my own hair out. Americans are not addicted to oil. The phrase by the way, was coined by an oil man, George W. Bush.  The oil companies are addicted to gross, record profits obtained on the backs of the American people. Our elected officials are addicted to graft. I am not addicted to oil….I would welcome an affordable alternative. And believe me, they are out there, just blocked by special interests.

Here in the United States, there is a battle to save “entitlement” programs while oil companies, who receive tax breaks, make record profits.

If I have paid into Medicare and Social Security all my working life, damn straight it is an entitlement! Let’s steal from the poor to make the rich richer.

How did this all start? Did the first ape who stood on two legs instead of four collect more bananas, and thus started hoarding them? Did he refuse to share with his fellow apes until they found some nice apples to trade? Is this hoarding and selfishness an innate human characteristic?

We are now seeing a polarization of the human race. There are those who seek to live in gross materialism and there are the growing few who choose to live in compassion and understanding of the underlying Oneness that permeates everything on this planet, including the planet Herself.

I personally feel like America is crumbling under the greed of those in power. We are no longer number one in anything. Our educational and healthcare systems have deteriorated. We have killed closed to 500,000 innocent people in the Middle East. We have spread hatred and enmity throughout the world and have stirred up never ending conflicts and wars.

Be careful America. Pay back’s a bitch!


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