Health Insurance

I will have to preface this by saying this is not advice; I’m not advocating anything. Just talking about my own personal experience.

Being caught in this mess that is our country, I have no health insurance. My job does not provide it. The last time I applied for it privately, I was told I was uninsurable because I had an undiagnosed condition.

This condition occurred in 2001, when I did have health insurance. I went to a specialist at Scripps Clinic, a Neuro-opthomologist (or something like that) and after many visits and checks, he told me he wasn’t sure what the issue was, and even if he was, there was nothing that could be done about it. I surmised I would end up blind.

I spent a half hour ever day giving myself Reiki and after about 4 months, the pain was gone and there was no further visual damage, and there hasn’t been in 10 years.

I have been thinking lately that not having insurance hasn’t been a bad thing. I do worry if I have an accident or something, but looking back, I have enjoyed relatively good health. Any issues I had were healed with Reiki. This included a probably broken toe, gall bladder issues, tendonitis and the like. When you have no alternatives, you have to figure it out for yourself.

Recently, I have been learned about Homeopathic remedies. I was able to heal a long term allergy/asthma this way. It really works.

Makes me wonder about our entire medical system. It seems like there are a bunch of people, doctors, pharmaceutical execs, insurance companies, lawyers….and many more I’m sure getting rich on our suffering.

I’ve never really understood allopathic medical care. It seems to be a system of treating symptoms, masking them, rather than healing the root cause of the symptoms. I’ve also never understood how cancer is treated with radiation, a substance that CAUSES cancer. And chemotherapy causes side effects worse than cancer. I’ve watched people struggle and die through chemotherapy, and I’ve watched people die from cancer without it….the latter is a much easier ending.

They say that chemotherapy prolongs life, but it’s a hard life, filled with pain and illness and side effects.

On the subject of side effects, I used to watch all the pharmaceutical ads on TV (when I had one, I don’t anymore) and I always wondered why the side effects seemed worse that the condition. For example, I think one of the side effects for an arthritis drug is lymphoma. Who the hell wants lymphoma?

My experience with hospitals is that they are pretty dirty, disgusting places. I spent a night in an emergency room in the hospital with my son and found it to be filthy. People coughing all over each other, blood all over the floors, and no cleaning of any kind that I could see. And so many people who enter hospitals for surgery these days end up with MRSA infections.

I’m kind of thankful for not having insurance. It really forced me to learn more about alternative healing and holistic health…body, mind and soul. You have to be healthy on all three levels. You can’t just fix one and expect everything to be ok…..

And then there are always those persons who want to regulate holistic health care. I suspect they are backed by powerful lobbies for insurance companies, lawyers, and medical types. Why can’t we choose our own methods of healing? I think I have the right to die from my own free choices. If I made the wrong choice, well so be it. I don’t need the government telling me how to heal myself. In the words of my historical fave: “Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now.”

Thomas Jefferson. A very wise man, who would be rolling over in his grave if he saw the state of our country now.


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