The Red Lake In Texas

I just read an article about a lake in Texas that turned blood red. It turned blood red because of all the fish that died there because the drought has caused the lake to evaporate and the bacteria are eating the fish, causing the red color.

Of course, there are those who think the world is now coming to an end because the lake is turning to “blood”.

Why do people always thing the world is coming to an end? They have been thinking that since the world as we know it began.

Is it all those Biblical prophesies about the end of the world? Why are people putting such stock in something that was, well not written, but maybe passed down verbally for many hundreds of years? I get kind of mad at the whole Bible thing anyway. There’s a lot of stuff in there that people choose to ignore, like owning slaves and selling your daughters. I also fear some times that they will try to impose that on us next.

So why do people think the world is once again ending? Is it an innate guilt we collectively feel for the rampant destruction we have caused on this planet?

I certainly don’t have any theories. I don’t personally feel that the world is ending. I think it will limp along with us festering on it for quite some time to come.


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