Since Mercury is retrograde, circumstances have left me to ponder the great human issue, communication. When Mercury is retrograde, things relative to all sorts of communications…computers, phones, mail, and yes, human to human (though rare these days) just seem to get short circuited.

But it’s the human kind I’m thinking about today.  A recent conversation with someone led me to discover that my motives have been totally misconstrued by this person, much to my dismay.  I am having to wonder as to why exactly does that come about?

One thing I keep getting hammered on as a lesson is to take things at face value.  Don’t try and read anything into people’s motivations.  Just take it as face value.  I learned that through my many relationships with men.  Years of phone calls with girlfriends trying to figure out why did he do that?  Why did he say that?  What does that really mean?  I think that book He’s Just Not That Into You was a real eye opener.  We try to assign all these secret motivations as to why people do things, and the truth is, he (or she) might just not be that into you!

Then there are those times when you try and communicate with people and they are just not open to it.  Not much you can do there.  In those instances I usually end up twisted up inside and frustrated.

Personally, I really dislike it when people think that I am saying something with some insidious motivation behind it.  Usually I don’t.  I’m pretty outspoken so when I have an insidious intent (which luckily is not too often), I just say it.  And needless to say, that has gotten me into some trouble.

And then there are those times when no matter how much you try to communicate, it just doesn’t work.  At some point, you throw in the proverbial towel and even if you care about those people, it’s no longer healthy to end up all twisted and unhappy inside.  Some people are just not meant to see eye to eye no matter what.  You just have to let go of them.

I mean, I can only be who I am.  I like to think that person is compassionate and caring, loving, loyal and helpful.  But yes, I’m also human so it doesn’t always come off that way.

I think of the difficulties in communication I experience on a daily basis in my life and then I look at the world and it seems insurmountably difficult.  How can we communicate if we all speak different languages, come from different cultures and different religions?

Then I think about the Rabbit and the Crow in my back yard, side by side, eating the food I put out for them.  If they can do, why can’t we?


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