Is It Really Changing?

I have been reflecting lately on the state of the world and the coming of 12/21/12.  I certainly don’t take to the premise that the world will be ending in less than a month.  I also don’t understand the human fascination and endless predictions of the end of the world.  But what really is happening?

For one thing, our planet is rapidly changing.  The poles are melting, due North has changed dramatically, super storms and drought are rampant, and climate change is now a reality.  Our planet is going though dramatic changes and we are being called upon to change with Her.

It seems to me that people are awakening to the fact that it’s all connected.  I can see from my Facebook and personal website,, that more and more people are no longer accepting the old precepts of “might makes right” and the “end justifies the means”.  They seem to be awakening to the fact that there are other dimensions of existence and that we are all connected to each other, all life and the planet.  And what we do to one, affects all.

I see a lot of interest in my work as an energy healer from all over the world through my website.  Visitors from places as diverse as the UK and China seem to number half of the total of all visitors.  It’s interesting to think that you can get the message of unity and oneness out to so many diverse places.

Of course, there is a backlash of those who would bring our thinking back into the Dark Ages.  I think that’s a natural course of events, to see deep resistance to change.

I personally envision a world based on compassion, not materialism.  A world where people work together to help one another, because they are all related, not a world were people kill each other for greed or extreme religious beliefs that they wish to force on others.  I would love to see more bartering, more growing of vegetables, and more cooperation between people and species. It seems as though animals have this down a lot better than humans.



So, I wonder, is it really changing?  I can say that I truly hope so, and that our children’s children’s children see a whole new world, the likes of which we can only imagine at this time.  


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