The Spider’s Web

One day recently, I went into the bathroom to take a shower.  I noticed in one corner of the room a Daddy Long Legs Spider had set up a very intricate web.  It probably took him all night.  I entered the shower, forgetting about him and set upon washing my hair.  As I finished the shampoo bottle, I threw it out over the top of the shower so that I could put it in the garbage when I got out.

After I finished my shower, I opened the door and noticed that my shampoo bottle had totally destroyed the Spider’s web.  It hit me very hard at how casually and unthinkingly I did that.  It struck me as a microcosm type metaphor for this world.  We so casually and unthinkingly do things without considering how they may affect someone or something else.  Like drilling oil wells in great oceanic ecosystems and not considering how we might STOP the flow if the cap blew off. 
The seemingly insignificant Spider is a very powerful animal Totem.  A Totem is the Spirit of the combined race of individual animal, fish, insect, bird or reptile species.  They have much to teach us and do help us on our spiritual path.
Spider is the great weaver of life.  Spider Woman, in Hopi mythology, is a great creator Goddess, who spun the web of creation of all life on this planet.  Spider as a Totem teaches us to create, not destroy.  She teaches that what you create now is your future.
Also, in the Spider’s Web, we see a metaphor for how we are all intertwined.  If a prey insect alights on the Spider’s web, the vibration is felt throughout the web, alerting the Spider to the meal that has arrived.  What happens on even a small area of our planet will impact the entire planet, because the web of life encases it.  



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