What would make a young man shot his mother and then go to a school and kill 26 more people?  Is the issue gun control?  Violent TV, movies and video games?  A society so sick that we spawn people like this?  All of the above?

There were 7 major shootings in the US this past year.  Does that astound you?  It astounds me.

I remember driving my boys to school after the Columbine shooting and noting that I was genuinely afraid to leave them.  That feeling never really left me.  If I were the parent of a school age child today, I’d be afraid every time I dropped them off.

I have to ask myself, where did this boy get the guns?  Walmart?*  I read many posts on Facebook from people who support gun control and people who oppose it.  All I can think is that all these terrible incidents stem from guns.    In 10 states in the US, you are more likely to be killed by a gun than a car accident.  Gun deaths in Europe, where guns are greatly restricted, are one seventh of the total of gun deaths in the US.

Guns kill.  That’s a given, though many say it’s the people and not the guns that kill.  This is true, but would they still kill if they didn’t have the gun?  If even one death were prevented per year it would be worth it.  That one death just might be your own child.

I pray for the families of the adults and children killed in Connecticut yesterday.  I feel sad for parents who must take their children to school and leave them, and not knowing  if they will see them alive when school is over.  I pray for a society that is so sick and so violent that these things seem to occur with regularity.

We really need to rethink this.  Is our love for violent games, movies and videos really healthy?  Is hunting and killing animals for sport and recreation sane?  When are we going to grow beyond our Neanderthal beginnings? Can we truly solve all our problems with violence?  It’s time to evolve into a more peaceful, compassionate human being.  It’s way overdue.


*I just read that the guns belonged to his dead mother.  Terrible irony….


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