Wake Up America

I am left in shock by the senseless killing of innocents in Sandy Hook Elementary School.  It makes me reflect on our country and what is going on here in the last 10 or so years.  A group of vocal people has taken control of the politics of this country and caused it to slide backwards several decades.

Since the Bush administration (and probably going back even further) the “Christian Right” has taken over our country.  In that time period, we have seen it slip backwards in time.  This group professes family values, yet teaches their children hate and intolerance.  They profess love for the sanctity of life, yet support guns, senseless hunting, the death penalty and war.  They support less government yet they wish to regulate the uteruses of women.  I have to ask myself, don’t they see their own hypocrisy?

The United States if falling well behind the rest of the world.  In Europe and Japan, gun control has been instituted, and violent crime rates have declined.  Citizens have access to health care in other countries that we don’t have here.  GMOs have been banned, but not in the United States.  We don’t even have the right to know if our food is GMO or not.

What’s going on here?  It seems to me that we have slipped into a state of extreme narcissism.  It’s all about the greedy individual, be it a person or a corporation (which, a court confirmed is a person).  Greed and violence has become the American norm.

What we need here is compassion.  If we looked at these situations with compassion rather than narcissism, the outcome would be different.  According to the dictionary, compassion is:

 sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it

Calling a person a low life because they cannot afford food is not compassionate.  It’s judgmental and cold.  Looking at the pain and suffering of others and doing nothing about it is not compassionate.  

It pains my heart to see what America has become.  Do we really deserve our unprecedented freedom?


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