The Great Flood



On Christmas Eve, I was doing a load of wash (the washing machine is just outside my bedroom) and got busy on the computer.  When I went to walk out of the room, I found the rug soaked and the washing machine overflowing.
The water seeped through the hall and the walls into the office/meditation room area and was a couple of inches deep.  I shut off the machine, and started cleaning up.  My son was in town luckily and he came and helped me with the amazing mess that  rendered me practically totally useless. 
After the insurance company came in, we had to remove all the furniture from the office, meditation room and my bedroom into other areas of the house.  This basically rendered me unable to work because both of my work areas were flooded.  As with all bureaucracy, the insurance company spent weeks having people in and out of the house, doing estimates, removing asbestos, taking air tests and the like.
Last night, I finally moved back into my room.  I can’t tell you how good this felt.  During the time I was displaced, I went through my things and threw out a few garbage bags worth of stuff.  I shredded all my unnecessary papers (I think most of them are unnecessary), cleaned out my closet of clothes and shoes I don’t wear, organized my office stuff and cleaned and put away some of my crystal collection.
The walls were painted a lovely minty green and the new carpet is grey, with a titch of green (or maybe it’s a reflection of the walls).  My altar is begun anew.
The meditation room is being redesigned to have more room for the Reiki table and all my students who come during Reiki Circle.  There’s a new carpet in there too.
And my roommate’s office is being completely redone.  This will give her a chance to go through all her unnecessary papers and stuff.  It was painted a lovely shade of beige/gold and will get a new wood floor.
I found out some very interesting things about myself during this time. One is I am completely dysfunctional in chaos.  My mental state was totally disarrayed during this home crisis.  I was unable to work or even think straight or make decisions.
The other is that I needed a complete clearing of my stuff.  There is a tendency to accumulate over the years, most of which is unnecessary.
I will never underestimate the value of order and I do understand more the value of Feng Shui, the Eastern art of energy flow through the home.  I did my bedroom a little differently this time, having consulted some Feng Shui books.  It will be interesting to see what comes my way in the next few months.
So I guess the moral of the story is:  get your life in order!  If you are living in clutter and chaos, clean it up!  It affects the mind negatively, and by cleaning up you can let new energy in.  I’m going to get some more books on Feng Shui and who knows what new energy will come in!

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