Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Taurus April 29, 2014

Tonight will yield a New Moon in Taurus and Annular Solar Eclipse.  The eclipse will be visible only in the South Pacific, Australia and Antarctica, but will still have an effect on all beings on Earth. The eclipse will occur at 11:14 PM PDT/ 2:14 PM EDT.

Taurus is the sign of sensuality, grounding, building and our value system.

Comfort, beauty and fulfillment for the five senses are essential for Taurus.  Surround yourself in beautiful music, art, food and incense tonight to enjoy this transit.

If the last few weeks have seemed rather hectic and disruptive, this Moon will bring back grounding and security.  We’ve been riding a roller coaster of transits in the last couple of months and now there is an opportunity to come back down to Earth, at least for a bit.

What do you want to build?  Whether it’s a new home or an empire, or to fulfill your life’s purpose, write it down and place it outside in the energy of the New Moon for manifestation.

A viable value system that benefits all beings is essential for everyone.  Compassion and integrity are intrinsic values for the spiritual seeker.  Hypocrisy has no place in the world.  Not establishing a  proper value system bring difficult lessons from the Universe.  Tonight ponder your personal value system and fill in the cracks and holes.

These are challenging times for all living beings.  Take advantage of the windows of hope that occasionally are opened by the Universe.


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