Twin Flames and Soul Mates

All too often I hear people in relationships sighing dreamily, “He/she is my soul mate.” because they are feeling so blissfully in love with the other person. This bestows upon them a sense of complacency and makes them believe that the relationship will last forever in complete harmony and bliss. This may or may not be true. While many relationships, whether romantic or not are karmic (you’ve known the person before and were destined to meet up with them again in this lifetime) or a soul mate or twin flame relationship, riding off blissfully into the sunset is not always the outcome. The truth is, these people often come into our lives to teach us our greatest and sometimes most painful lessons. It must be stressed that in old soul mate relationships, there are incredible possibilities for growth and learning, but does not always indicate a forever relationship.

First, what is the definition of a soul mate? A soul mate is a soul we have met before in a previous lifetime and with whom we have had some kind of relationship. A soul mate could have been a sibling, a mother, a father, a friend, or a business partner as well as a romantic partner. Often they have not been a romantic partner. In this lifetime, you may be coming together to experience the romantic aspect of love for many reasons. Perhaps in a previous lifetime you were warring kings and come together now in a more loving way to explore another facet of relationship. Perhaps you were romantic partners and one person died prematurely due to a third party’s free will, prior to the two of you learning lessons you contracted to teach one another. There are an infinite amount of possible scenarios. When I did a past life regression about a very painful relationship from which I was trying to recover, I found that the object of my pain had been my illicit lover as well as my mother and brother in other past lives. Each time our parting had caused a re-examination of my life but in all past lives it had come too late to change. In this lifetime I was able to facilitate the changes and thus my life changed dramatically.

A twin flame relationship consists of two souls who came together from The Source as one soul and later split into two or more souls to experience different aspects of life at the same time. There is this sense of connectedness throughout this lifetime even when apart. There is often a very strong psychic connection which at times can be very uncomfortable. The connection is much stronger than the soul mate connection because the two people truly are one soul. St. Germain, in Twin Souls and Soul Mates states, “It is an identical resonance reverberation of the same frequency within the different bodies of energy…this is your twin flame. All the rest of them are soul mates.” A soul mate may spur you on to facing and healing your deepest issues, but only if you should choose to do so. According to St. Germain, “You soulmate will will not take your pain away. You must take your pain away, by choosing to be in harmony and in alignment by chosing to not experience it as pain, but as joy. It is a choice.”

The soul mate/twin flame relationship often appears in astrological charts as certain planetary and nodal contacts. Having a relationship consultation with an Astrologer can help to identify past life karma in relationships and facilitate some type of healing to eliminate the need to repeat the process in the future and in future lives.

For me, my greatest lesson came from an old soul mate who blew into my life suddenly when I had fallen to my lowest. I truly felt no hope. Did we marry and live happily ever after? No. We parted and I mourned that parting for many long painful years. He did, however, cause me to completely re-examine my life in an attempt to alleviate my pain and my spiritual beliefs to such a dramatic degree that I am a completely different person today. Had we stayed together, I cannot say that I would have made the monumentous changes that I made. Astrologically, his natal Venus was conjunct my North Node (the North Node being the karmic purpose of the lifetime). He was a karmic soul mate destined to be a romantic (Venus) partner, activating my North Node. He set me on my soul’s mission.

Soul mates can come in the guise of friends, relatives or coworkers. Having a dicey relationship with your mother or your boss could indicate karmic issues from past lives. Sometimes you will run into someone you instantly dislike. This too can stem from past lives. Or the boss drives you crazy and pushes all your buttons.

So next time, when you are trying to manifest the partner of your dreams, be careful what you ask for. When you ask for your soul mate, do not automatically assume that he/she will make you happy and be the answer to all your dreams. Be open to the lessons you may learn, but be able to let go when the time comes. Once in a lifetime, you may just get lucky and manifest the relationship of your dreams. Consulting with a psychic or Astrologer can help you sort out your relationships, and find out if the person is a true soul mate, or just a passionate interlude on the road to a life partner.


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