The Birds and the Bees

The other day, as I got in my car to go to work, I noticed a lone Bee clinging to my passenger side window.  As I backed out of the driveway, I expected him to take off but he didn’t. 

As I drove, I saw it struggle to continue clinging to my window in the wind.  I watched it for about twenty minutes, and it lost it’s struggle somewhere along the 56 Freeway.  It was gone.  Had it fallen to the road to be crushed by a car?  Was it able to fly off and find itself a new home?

I thought of its struggle as a microcosm for Bees all over the planet, struggling to hold on despite all the horrific chemicals we are throwing at them. Not just Bees, but Frogs and Condors and Rhinos and all sorts of magnificent life that man is managing to extinct.  It really breaks my heart.  The great chain of life has so many broken links. 

My struggle is to continue to live in a world that is being destroyed faster then a blink of an eye.  I struggle to exist amongst human greed, judgment and lack of compassion.  I can’t even explain the pain I feel in my heart sometimes.

Some people would say, it’s just a bee. But what if it’s the last Bee left in the world? Where do we go from there?Image


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