A Trip to the Beach on a Sunny Day

Yesterday, I decided to spend a couple of hours on the beach getting some sun.  It was a beautiful day, not too hot and not too cold.  Just right.

The beach is an interesting place to people watch.  I love to see the unadulterated joy very young children get running in the shallow surf.  Life has not yet jaded them and their sheer delight is amazing.

I saw a woman cleaning her towel of sand several times and had to chuckle.  If you don’t like sand, the beach is not a place to be.

A flock of Brown Pelicans flew over at one point.  I marveled at their almost perfect “V” formation.  I have heard that they are struggling in California, and I would hate to see them go.

I saw shivering children and impatient parents. Opportunistic gulls looking for a free meal.  I felt the sand beneath my feet and the cool water caressing my toes.

I hoped to see a pod of Dolphin frolicking in the waves.  Their joy is contagious, but alas, not this day.

It wasn’t a terrible profound experience like some I’ve had.  Like the Redwood tree that actually communicated with me and got caught on film….but it was a day of peace and relaxation and that’s much needed.  It’s so healthy for us to reconnect with the planet every once in a while.



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