Major Astrological Transits

In Astrology, each decade has its own significant life passage transit. These Astrological configurations cause us to re-evaluate and make changes to our lives, and they are not always comfortable. Our birth chart is basically a photograph taken of the sky at the exact moment we emerge from the womb, translated into Astrological symbology. This information is taken from the birth certificate, the official record of our birth. However, the planets continue to move, and form contacts and angles to the positions of our birth chart planets. Some are fleeting, like transits of the Moon, while others are long lasting and life changing, like transits of Saturn, Chiron and Uranus, an occur as we move into each succeeding decade.

The first significant life passage occurs at age 28 to 30. This is the first Saturn Return, a time when transiting Saturn returns to it’s original birth position. At this time, we move from the carefree teenage years and early 20s and realize that it’s now time to become serious about life. Many people marry or start a family at this time. If we are unwilling to become more serious about life, Saturn will bring us circumstances that force us to do so. Illness and death caused me to re-evaluate my decision to not have children at that time…and I had my first son at age 30. My father died during my pregnancy, and he was in his second Saturn Return.

The next major transit occurs at approximately age 38 to 42, depending on the year of your birth. This transit is called the Uranus opposition, the time when transiting Uranus sits exactly opposite your natal Uranus. Wherever Uranus sits in your chart, by both transit and birth position, is where your greatest need for freedom lies. Transiting Uranus causes sudden changes in your life, and at this time in your life can cause a spiritual awakening. I have seen this manifest in many different ways, from divorce to heart attack. If your marriage is stifled and oppressive, it may not survive the Uranus Opposition, unless you are willing to make great changes. I have even seen people whose Heart Chakras were closed suffer heart attacks at this time, because Uranian energy is very forceful and electrical, like a short circuit. Uranus is also usually the culprit in the so called, “Midlife Crisis”, which is really the beginning of a spiritual awakening.

The Chiron Return marks the changing of the 40s decade to the 50s. Since Chiron in mythology is the wounded healer, this is a time of life to finally deal with your early wounds and experience a freedom that results in attaining a greater level of spiritual awakening. As the wounded healer, Chiron helps us to not only heal our own wounds, but to help others to heal their own, through the knowledge we have gained in our own process. The Second Saturn Return at age 58 to 60 can be a difficult one. This is the time in life when we finally realize that the ticker tape will not be moving forward forever. Saturn is the planet of constriction and karma, and that which we have sown throughout our lives can come back to haunt us at this time. It’s a time to finally complete that which we came here to do, spiritually speaking. This transit can bring illness, hard lessons, loneliness, thoughts of death and even death itself. However, passing through it can bring a new sense of purpose and the shedding of self-consciousness and concern about physical looks and what other people think of you. It is actually new found sense of freedom. The ultimate thing we free ourselves from during the Second Saturn Return is the fear of death.

The more you resist the lessons of the transits, the greater will be lessons that come to you. Illness, divorce, death, loss of job, home….all these occurrences can cause you to re-evaluate your life. The sign of the planet in major transit and the house position will indicate what area of your life will be challenged. If you are seriously working on self-improvement and spiritual advancement, you might not notice anything too disrupting.

A consultation with an Astrologer can help to pinpoint these transits, both in time and in the sign and house position (or area of your life) where they occur. I have found that a large percentage of my consultations occur during the Uranus Opposition, a very challenging time, when getting to know yourself helps to understand the feeling and issues that are surfacing.


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