The War on Monsanto

Everyone I’m sure is well aware of the dangers of GMO food and seeds and Roundup.  Human health issues, collapse of bee colonies and water pollution are just some of the issues.  Monsanto is a very powerful corporation, with many of its former and future employees in controlling positions in government.  Add that to their guerrilla techniques in intimidation of farmers, and we can think that we are destined to live in a world dominated by Monsanto.

What if I were to say that we are NOT?  We have the power to stop Monsanto, by using their greed against them. It’s completely greed that seems to motivate them, not any real concerns about world hunger or anything else.  It’s already happening.  Just last week Europe rejected our genetically perverted apples.  Europe and even China, yes China, are way beyond the United States in combating GMO infiltration.

But the American public has the power to stop it.  STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS.  Hit them where it hurts:  in their “bottom line”.  Boycott any and all products that contain GMOs, artificial products, etc.  Support your local Farmer’s Markets, and stores that abstain from buying GMO products.

It has been and always will be greed that motivates these large corporation.  So Americans, my generation stopped a war.  Today, we can defeat Monsanto.  This is war, folks.  War to salvage our health and our children’s futures, and also the futures of many species now in peril upon this earth. Boycott.


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