The Astrology of Relationships

The aspects between lovers’ planets and the Nodes of the Moon are very telling in understanding soul mate/twin flame charts. The North Node of the Moon indicates the soul’s purpose in the incarnation. The South Node of the Moon indicates karma and lessons learned from past lives. Since soul mates are souls you have encountered in past lives and souls who help propel you into your soul’s purpose in the this life, contacts between those points in your charts are significant.

Let’s start by defining a soul mate. A soul mate is a soul (not the person) who has been with you for many lifetimes and for many purposes. There is a sense of familiarity, as though you have met before. Sometimes those memories bubble just beneath the surface. A soul mate may have many purposes and is not necessarily romantic. Relatives and friends can be soul mates. Sometimes that person is the one who journey’s through life with you, helping you through the rough times. This could be a best friend, brother, sister or parent. Many romantic relationships are soul mate relationships, but their purpose is usually to awaken you, to help you to solve persisting issues (many times, by presenting as the issue) and to awaken your deepest heart. If you are thinking of the Hollywood definition of soul mate, think again. These are not usually relationships that have you walking off into the sunset together. Often, they can be the most painful relationships you’ve ever had, because their true purpose is spiritual, and they serve to awaken you to your true spirituality and soul purpose. Often, but not always. Sometimes they really are the love of your life, and last beyond the parting of death.

I met my soul mate many years ago when I was emotionally and spiritually dead. The intense love I had for him awakened my heart. The pain of our breakup forced me to look deeply at myself, and to find ways to heal the pain. I learned to read Tarot, learned Reiki and energy healing, experienced past life regressions, meet amazing, spiritual people and generally changed the course of my life. Though it’s not an experience I would choose to go through again, I am grateful for it, because I am a much happier and fulfilled person now than I was before I met him.

There were many indicators in our charts that this relationship was karmic. I have read articles by astrologers indicating that the Sun, Moon and Ascendent contacts between charts are indicative of soul mate relationships, but I disagree. Positive aspects between those points can indicate compatibility in general (this was researched by Carl Jung, by the way) but the true indicator of soul mate relationships lies in the Nodes. It’s my observation that close contacts between the Sun, Venus, Saturn and the Nodes of the Moon to the Nodes of the Moon in the other’s chart indicates a karmic soul mate relationship. I have also noticed in charts of married couples that they may be attracted to someone with the Sun, Moon or Ascendent in one of the signs and degrees of either the North Node or the South Node.This is because subconsciously, we are always trying to fulfill our soul’s purpose.

The only way to truly find out is to run your charts on a computer and get a relationship Astrology consultation. In honor of Independence Day, all relationship Astrology consultations will be reduced to $150 (from $200) for the month of July.



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