On Love

One of my favorite topics to blog about is love, because I’ve spent most of my life trying to define it and figure it out.

Many years ago I was listening to the song, “I Want to Know What Love is” and thought to myself, hmmm, do I really know? I had been married for quite a long time then and had two children, but other than the deep love I had for my boys, I really didn’t think I knew what love was.

Shortly after that, and during the divorce, I thought I found out what love was. I fell deeply in love with a man, and it was a love filled with passion, desire and angst. I thought that was truly what love was, and what I’d been missing all those years. The pain I felt when that relationship ended was the greatest I had felt….until that time that is.

During the years that followed, my oldest son went to war. There is no love like a mother’s love for her child when she has to worry every day that that day will be the his last on the earth. At the same time, my younger son fell ill and I thought I might loose him too. I think the love of a mother for her children is the greatest love there is.

I always raised my children by allowing them the freedom to be who they were, not who I wanted, as I was raised. I think you call that unconditional love. And the truth is, they grew up to be the best adults in the world, and truly are living according to their own plans.

I experienced all sorts of love after that one great love. Love for companionship, love for sex, love for excitement. They were all facets of the greater concept of love.

I felt love for other life forms and love for the planet Herself. Love for the tiniest pillbug, to the largest elephant. Love for the Moon, the Stars and the Universe.

There is another love that comes with maturity. Loving someone when they are not at their best, or when they are ill and incapacitated. In my youth, I thought that love was something you felt for someone who was virile, achingly attractive and whole. I was repelled by anything less. As an older person now, I realize that real love is loving someone beyond the body, loving the soul that resides in the body.

These are the conclusions I have come to thus far. I anticipate that the path goes on, further into the future and with more and more explorations.


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