Thinking today of people who have passed. So many….family, friends and even animals.

I started thinking about it because on Facebook, there are still profiles of those who passed. It’s sort of like a memorial page, where everyone can write about how much they miss the person, remember birthdays and anniversaries, etc. I guess in a way they live on, on Facebook!

So many people are sure that the person who has passed can see them, hear them. I wonder. I’m not sure. I do know that we live on after death, as I’ve had contacts with those who have passed. But do they stay forever with you, watching, listening? Or do they just live on in our hearts? Do our memories keep them alive?

The picture on this blog is my dear friend Christine Star Mountain who passed a little more than a year ago. I love this picture of her….it captures her beauty and her essence. She loved her grandchildren, and there was a touch of the child in her too. It’s a happier moment, though not all her moments were happy. I miss her a lot. She was the one I could tell everything too, to talk about my great love, Astrology….and to ponder the mysteries of life. She’s a friend who is dearly missed.


Seems like life here on earth is continual process of death and renewal. In death, as in the Death card of the Tarot, there is always the process of rebirth and renewal. Life is a continual circle, it’s not linear.

In every ending is a new beginning.


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