Update On My Work

Hi Everyone,

Just a note to keep in touch and to let you know what’s up here in Poway.

For one thing, we are now doing Reiki Circles rather sporadically rather than once a month. So keep an eye out for the next Circle, which I am anticipating will be in September. Cindy has a free Reiki Circle once a month on the second Tuesday at 7. Sometimes it’s here in Poway, or at Cathy’s house in Penasquitos. Please drop me a line if you’d like more information, or check out the Meetup group, http://www.meetup.com/reiki-87/

I am available most days for individual Reiki treatments which include Reiki, Chakra balancing/therapy, and crystal and sound healing. This wonderful hour of stress relief and healing is only $50 (reg. $65) simply by mentioning this email.

Reiki Classes are available by appointment from level one to Reiki Master Teacher. I have attuned and trained hundreds of people since 1997 and am looking forward to doing hundreds more!

I also offer Tarot readings, Astrology consultations and regression sessions. Tarot readings are usually about a half hour (sometimes we run a little over) and are only $50. Please have some questions in mind, and be prepared for the answers!

Astrology is a wonderful to know yourself and understand your most important relationships. It can also bring understanding to what’s going on in your life through a transit report (current planets and how they affect your chart). All consultations includes are an hour and a half and include a computer generated report delivered via email. I personally found that having my chart done was life altering, and that’s why I undertook the study of astrology.

I also do Crystal healing certification classes, Chakra Therapist’s Certification, guided mediations and regression sessions.

If you would like more information, just let me know.

My availability is just about every day except Wednesday and Friday, and most evenings. You can have your class or session in person, on the phone or via Skype. Some classes are available over the internet.

Also, please note that I offer free distant healing through my online network of my Reiki students and Masters. Just send me the name and location of the person needing healing and I will send it out.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Stay in touch and I’ll see you soon!

Love & Light

Georgia Vlahos


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