Yes, We CAN Make A Difference

I just read an online article about Sea World since the Black Fish documentary came out. It seems their stocks have dropped 24% and it’s longtime marketing partner, Southwest Airlines has dropped them. A bill has been proposed in California to ban orca captivity. Oh, the woes of Sea World….

What this says to me is that the public has a heart and feels for the plight of these captive whales. We can make a difference….the difference is not going to be in requiring these companies to have a heart…they obviously don’t because it’s all about the profit. This is true for companies like Monsanto also, where the almighty greed takes precedence over even the planet herself. I have even read that Kellogg’s stocks fell because consumers will no longer buy their GMO filled products.

But by hitting them where it hurts, in the pocketbook, we can make a difference and make major changes. Boycott Monsanto. Boycott Sea World. Boycott Kelloggs…we CAN make a difference! We HAVE the power!


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