Flaky Reiki

I thought I’d write this blog because I was on Facebook today and noticed an ad to become a Reiki Master (all three levels) in one weekend at home over the internet. This individual claims to have discovered some “secret” that enables him to do this.  And maybe this blog will be an ad for that person, I don’t know.  But I have to say that I’m pretty appalled by it.

How can you master anything by watching a couple of DVDs for a day or so?  I’ve been a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and I can tell you that I’ve been actively practicing and teaching Reiki for over 17 years and there is nothing that can replace hands on experience.  The theory and history of Reiki is wonderful to know….but there is just no substitute for experience.

So many things pop up with both students and clients that only experience can handle.  With students, often issues pop up with the attunements (known as the “Reiki cleanse”) and what happens if there is no one their to guide them through it?  The most important aspect of Reiki is gaining the ability to feel the Byosen, or energy field of your client and to sense blockages of energy and disease.  How can you learn that from a DVD?

I’m also (unpleasantly) amused by the numerous types of Reiki out there….everything from Kundalini Reiki to Money Reiki.  Unicorn Reiki.  I even saw an ad for a “new” kind of Reiki that in order to channel the energy, you must be UNATTUNED to Usui Reiki…..Ki is Ki, doesn’t much matter what name you put on it.  And to claim that you have “discovered” some kind of super power Reiki is just a bid for money and ego stroking.

I know that all sounds a little harsh.  But I have seen Reiki gain acceptance in the mainstream over the years.  Here in San Diego, several hospitals, including Scripps, are now offering Reiki.  I think that we as Reiki practitioners and teachers need to keep up to a high standard.  I would truly hate to see government licensing, not because I hate licensing, but I have found that whenever the government gets involved it becomes too expensive for the people who need it most and through regulation becomes it becomes perverted.  Look at the mess our allopathic medical system is in….I would truly hate to see that happen to alternative medicine.

OK, off the soapbox….everyone has to make their own decisions.  But heck, there is no “McSpirit”.  You gotta do the work…..no “Flaky Reiki”!



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