Good Bye Sea World

Thinking today of Sea World, when I first went there in 1989.  I loved it!  It was a wonderful place, filled with sea life and nothing is more invigorating for a sea loving Cancer like me.  I remember I cried when I first saw Shamu because living inland in New Jersey, I’d never even seen a whale blow hole blasting out of the surf.  I was awed by their intelligence, grace, beauty and self control when you consider the ability of these great predators to kill (hey, “Killer Whale”). It was the first time I ever touched a Dolphin’s rubbery skin too, and I felt so close to them.  After that, I revered and adored these creatures forever. Since then, I saw a California Grey in the surf line at Torrey Pines Beach….scared the surfers to death, but you could feel this magnificent animal’s curiosity.  I am truly blessed to live near a coastline where Dolphins and Whales are often sited.  

Recent news headlines have of course slammed Sea World for keeping these animals in a state so contrary to their natural state.  They have promised to build bigger tanks for them, but most agree that it’s too little too late.

I am hoping to see these wonderful animals returned to their oceans to live the life that their genes intended.  I think we have grown as a culture to the point where we don’t have to torture animals for our amusement.  There’s been way to much of that.  Hopefully, Sea World will comply with the demands of society for fairness in their treatment of these amazing mammals. 

There will be a small part of me that will forever be indebted to Sea World for awaking my love of marine mammals and conservation.  So I say goodbye with just a tinge of sadness, but as a species we MUST change the way we treat other species, as well as our fellow humans.



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