What Makes the Master?

I’ve been pondering what exactly makes a Reiki Master this morning because I am making a certificate for one of my students, who after months of work, has completed all the requirements for Reiki Master.

I know that some people don’t like the term “Master”.  I think this comes out of a sense of insecurity about themselves.  I don’t personally think there is anything wrong with the term, “Reiki  Master” and have no problem calling myself that.  But what exactly makes a “Master”?

I teach the classes, they learn the symbols and how to use them but I don’t think that’s it either.  Becoming a Reiki Master comes from years of experience.  It takes years to master the art of healing, not the hand positions or how to draw a symbol, but more how to handle the often unexpected things that come up.  Holding the hand of a terminal patient.  Feeling the heat of a cancerous tumor. Sensing an entity around a person. Dealing with the person who freaks out, who has meltdown, or who is deeply depressed.  Learning to offer the healing without having preconceived ideas about how it should work, other than for the highest good of your client.  Acknowledging that the healing comes from the energy, not you.  As I tell my student, “I don’t care if you raise the dead, it’s NOT YOU.”  Suspending the ego and the very human tendency toward judgment.  

It’s also about being able to put together a class and teaching it to your students in a way that is not boring, and also valuable and helpful to them on their healing path. And being there for them when the class is over and they are dealing with their own “Reiki Cleanse”, or have questions about the clients they may be seeing.  

It’s the joy of watching them heal and grow and recognizing their potential in the healing of the world.

So it’s a lot more than the weekend class or the DVD you watch online.  “Reiki Master” doesn’t come easily or lightly.  It’s a lot of work that your heart and soul goes into. 


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