Mercury Rx by Christine Star Mountain

imagesOnce again, it’s that time of the year. Mercury is about to Station (come to a stop in his orbit/cease forward motion) and become what is known in Astrology as retrograde. This upcoming Mercury transit begins with the pre-shadow phase on September 30 and turns retrograde on October 4, 2014. When a planet turns retrograde (Rx), it seemingly moves backward as seen from the Earth. This happens 3-4 times per year.

Astrologically, Mercury rules the mental body or our conscious mind. Mercury’s function is to take in, process and store information. It represents our capacity for rational thinking, the ability to reason and analyze, our mental perceptions and gives an indication of how a person communicates.

Mercury is constantly taking in empirical information for use now as well as for future use. Mercury acts like a lens, our “eyes on the world”. Once this information is taken in, Mercury stores it in our memory vaults. In the birth chart, we look to Mercury in its sign and house position for insights as to how a person thinks and communicates their thoughts, how they put their information together, the capacity to memorize and store information, the method of learning that comes naturally to them and what keeps their mental interests and focus.

When Mercury is in his Rx phase, the pathways of everyday life have a tendency to become a bit more bumpy and unreliable. We experience life as frustrating and mentally confusing. Nothing seems to work right or as it did before. By preparing for the changing circumstances and plans going awry, you can navigate the retrograde period. Preparation should begin in the pre-shadow phase when the retrograde actually begins. And always remember, after Mercury Rx turns direct, it goes into it’s shadow phase which lasts a couple of weeks.

As an Astrologer, I know that many people react with dread to a Mercury Rx but there are also many positive influences to this phase that assist us in reorganizing our lives in ways that make it easier and less complicated. It offers us a time of review, reflection, re-evaluation, reorganization and regrouping.

To neutralize Mercury Rx, one just has to be prepared for the Rx phase by having Plan A and then, if that doesn’t work out, Plan B and C and so on, ready to go. Knowing that plans can change without much warning, you are prepared to make adjustments and adopt to new or unexpected circumstances or influences. “Adjustment” is one of the major keys to a Rx cycle and by doing that, it makes life easier for us to deal with this planetary phase.

Some people become nostalgic and are caught up in old experiences and memories of the past. Don’t be surprised when unexpectedly, people show up from out of the past. Many times, we get a phone call out of the blue from someone who has been on our minds (but not in our current lives) without any apparent reason. For those who are sensitive or psychic, Mercury Rx can telepathically connect us to old friends, family we haven’t seen in years or long ago. People from our past show up in dreams as if they are trying to contact us or brings us messages. It’s interesting to note that people often take things back after the Rx is finished.

Traditionally, one is advised not to sign contracts under Mercury Rx. If you have to sign a contract, do so with only after completely checking all paperwork very carefully for hidden clauses or misrepresented information.

Other tips for handling Mercury Rx:

  • Learn to go with the flow and practice detachment when Mercury is in a Rx phase
  • Have plenty of post-its handy
  • Make lists and put them in places you look at throughout the day such as bathroom mirrors, makeup bags, wallets, dash boards and by the phone and computers for a few examples.
  • People are late or get lost easily
  • Credit cards don’t work or are misplaced
  • Have extra cash on hand in case the ATM isn’t working or credit/debit cards have problems.
  • Pay close attention to where you place your keys, wallets, jewelry or purse.
  • Locking keys in cars is typical of Mercury Rx
  • Plans are disrupted and have to be changed, or revised
  • Travel plans don’t go as expected, turn out to be disappointing or have to be revised.
  • Appointment are missed and have to be disrupted
  • Mail is misplaced, lost or delayed
  • All forms of paperwork disappear or show up in odd places.
  • Figures are incorrect
  • Information is faulty
  • Numbers are transposed
  • Places on documents go unsigned delaying the paperwork process
  • Cell phone have problems or are lost
  • Satellites go down making communication impossible
  • Computers become temperamental or crash
  • Mechanical appliances are adversely affected
  • Transportation is affected
  • This is not a time to begin new projects
  • Past life recall
  • Life has a feeling that things are upside down or inside out.

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