The small ship hovered in the sky as the inhabitants completed their report.

“There are some highly evolved species in the seas and on land, such as what they call Whales, Dolphins, Ravens and Elephants (to name but a few) but the human creature kills them for food and sport and then tells themselves that they are the most evolved species on this planet, which they are not.

The human creature appears to be at the top of their food chain and is the only one that kills just for sport. The human derives pleasure from killing and using pieces of the other creatures to decorate their abodes and bodies. The human creature considers other creatures to be less than itself, though those other creatures seem to live in greater harmony with the planet.

They blow up each other in the name of peace and do not recognize this paradox. They worship deities simply because stories were written (and in some cases, passed down by word of mouth) thousands of years ago in their history. They seem unaware of the prevailing connection between all life in the Universe, or they would not commit the destruction upon other species and their planet. We are concerned about their polluting the Great Web of Universal Life, but we don’t have any recommendations as to how to counteract this. We leave this to the great thinkers on our planet to do this in a peaceful and loving way.

Though they revere the literature of thousands of years ago, they burn the literature of their contemporaries for no apparent reason.

They pollute and destroy their planet with their greed. Species are facing extinction simply because of their ill advised actions. They seem to be unaware that their planet possesses power greater than their puny imaginations ever dream to possess, and their planet is angry at present time. Several unprecedented, large-scale events have happened such as volcanoes, earthquakes and huge storms as their planet unleashes its fury, but still they are oblivious to the very obvious lesson in this. Their ice caps are melting at staggering rates, but again, they seem unaware of how it will all play out in their own demise.

They hate their own bodies and treat them as though they are something dirty and disgusting. This self-loathing makes them judge and torture and kill one another, yet when they try and sell their wares to one another, they entice with the human body. They also abuse their bodies by feeding on substances known to destroy the body and indulge in mind-altering substances that dull their brains.

Some of these humans work for peace and harmony and for their well being of their planet. They revere nature and the planet, but they are by far the minority there. They exhibit rudimentary compassion, but it’s our opinion that they are not strong enough to fight the mass of humanity and the gross political corruption of their leaders in order to reverse the tides of destruction that have commenced on this planet. These people suffer greatly with this knowledge.

It is our recommendation that because the planet is set for destruction soon, it’s best to avoid it for approximately 1000 of their Earth years. At that point they may have learned a bitter lesson, but it is our opinion that even that won’t be enough to change them as mass extinctions have happened before, and they continued again on their present course. The planet will of course survive, but whether it will be able to sustain life again is unknown.”


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