Manifesting a Mate


I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to manifest a mate.  This is because I recently did a reading for someone who wanted to do so.  Her requirements were very strict and rigid, and when I looked at the cards, I saw that there was no one in sight for her.  I knew how badly she wanted it, so we discussed what might be holding her back.

I have to say, I have read all the articles that tell you to write a very detailed list of what you want in order to manifest it.  I read one as recently as today, which prompted me to write this.

I’ve done it myself:  many years ago I wrote down a detailed list of what I wanted in a mate, down to the eyes and the smile.  And I did the little ritual and lo and behold, a month later I met HIM.  He was everything I ever wanted, and more.  And amazingly HOT.  He was also the one thing I never thought of asking for:  at least near to my age.  He was 18 years younger than I was.  We had a wonderful relationship for a time but ultimately, we broke up because he was just a bit too immature and I wasn’t going to have any more babies.

I pictured the Universe laughing down at me, saying, ha, ha, gotcha!

Suppose you want someone who is self supporting and gainfully employed.  OK, this is a biggie for most of us.  And supposing the Universe sends you someone who is perfect in every way except he just lost his job.  So you pass it by and guess what?  Two months later he gets the most amazing job, and you pushed him away because he didn’t meet your rigid guidelines.

Or suppose you are looking for a woman who will adore your grandchildren and you meet the perfect woman who doesn’t have any children or grandchildren of her own, and you pass her by because she doesn’t meet your criteria.  You haven’t even given her a chance to meet them.  Perhaps she’d have fallen in love with them because they are just so amazing!

I could go on with endless scenarios but I won’t.  The Universe is well versed in finding the loophole in your manifestation.  Instead, I’d recommend working on yourself.  See that your heart is open and healthy.  Love yourself, because you can never love anyone else if you don’t love yourself.  Be prepared to compromise, because being with your exact mirror image can be boring.  And most of all, be open and have faith that the Universe will send you exactly what is perfect for you!


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