Along the Path


When I embarked upon this path in 1993, my primary objective was to heal my own pain and issues.  I had so fallen away from my soul that it would take years to come back.  And I did.

Over the years, I became aware that many others were working to healing the planet.  They were called Light Workers.  I fell into that group with relish and worked for many years trying to help people heal themselves and see themselves as spiritual beings interconnected with everything else.

I stand in 2014 looking back and wondering if anything was accomplished.  I suppose for many individuals it was.  But looking at the world today, it seems that we are slipping backwards, rather than forward.

This seems especially true in this country.  So many other countries are surpassing us in health care, education, environmental concerns and more.  We seem to be mired in an internal war of will and ego, pitting one group against another, rather than FOR THE PEOPLE, and we continually go round and round like a hamster on a wheel, getting nowhere.

I read the other day that 40% of known species have gone extinct in recent years.  That’s astounding to me.  For a person who can’t even kill a spider, I am just appalled.

But what choice is there?  It’s easy to become discouraged but as humans, we have to work until the last breath to try to effectuate change.

For me, it’s one person at a time.  And I feel it’s exponential.  We all need to heal and to recognize that we are all connected and that which we do to some affects the whole.  Not only the whole world but the entire Universe.  I wonder if there are civilizations out there who are suffering because of the awful choices we make on this planet?

I don’t know what the future will bring.  I don’t know what kind of world my unborn grandchildren will come into.  But I do know that we must continue to work for healing and peace on this planet, whatever the cost.


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