On Mourning

Yesterday I was in Walmart picking up meds and I met a woman in a wheel chair while we were waiting in line. I could feel her frustration emanating towards me, and usually I would look the other way but something drew me to her. I started talking to her and it turned out she was frustrated trying to find something that had been advertised. We started talking and she said she had lost her son through cancer. Everyone told her to get on with it because it had been a while but she couldn’t. Her heart was broken and her body was deteriorating because of it. It was an especially sad day for me because it was the three year anniversary of the death of my son’s dear friend from high school in Afghanistan. I got her some help but I couldn’t forget her. How awful to loose a child….and why did people tell her “to get on with it?” Healing from something like that may take a lifetime and it’s not for us to judge it. It’s incredible the level of grief we have to experience here on planet Earth.

Please think of this woman and send her Reiki…..


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