Tuesday’s elections sent a strong message to the American political machine:  everyone is pretty fed up with things as they are.  Somethings are just politics, but there is one area that will have far reaching repercussions, and that is the environment.

With many of these elected officials in denial about climate change, I’m truly frightened for the future of our planet.  The Keystone XL oil pipeline is set to move forward as well as rolling back environmental regulations.

I can’t imagine how this could be coming true in this day and age.  We are faced daily with species extinction, climate change, poor air quality, increases in asthma and cancer and other environmentally caused diseases, yet the American public will sell out their children’s futures at the drop of a hat.

I think that instead of building pipelines, our money should go to developing better solar and wind energy.  The goal should be to become oil independent, not produce more oil.  So many other countries are making great strides in alternative energy, while the US sinks into a further morass of oil and coal.  Instead, they are going to work to derail efforts to reduce pollution from coal power plants.  The new Senate environmental committee will be chaired by persons who deny that global warming is caused by fossil fuels.

I find this astounding.  I think that the environment should be the #1 priority of this country.  We cannot continue to cause the extinction of species and the destruction of this planet.  The earth does not exist to enrich a small percentage of humanity.  We are all a part of a greater whole; we are all interrelated and the decisions we make today will have far reaching implications for later generations and the Planet Herself. Individual greed and narcissism seems to be the path Americans have embarked upon.  Wake up everyone!


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