Sun in Sagittarius


The Sun moves from deep dark Scorpio into fun loving Sagittarius tomorrow, November 22, 2014, bringing with it fun and awakening energy.

During this time you can create new visions of where your life is going and explore the expansive energy of Sagittarius.  Though there are some aspects which may be disruptive (Uranus Square Pluto), it’s still a hopeful time.

On the subject of Uranus Square Pluto, tensions will be high in the world because the planet of freedom (Uranus) and the planet of power and rebirth (Pluto) are at odds and so are the people of this polarized world.  This will provide a time for the struggle to become intense and time will tell which faction will be victorious. This long transit between these slow moving planets will be finally done this spring.

In the middle of December, the planet of constriction, lessons, perfectionism, form and structure will move into Sagittarius.  In Scorpio, we descended into the depths of our collective souls, and it’s been a dark ride.  As Saturn moves into Sag, it will lighten up some and accentuate the need for truth and justice.

The next Full Moon is in Gemini, the planet of communication.  We will see a breakthrough in our communication issues.  Focus on learning and improving brain function during this transit.  Resist the urge to gossip!

Jupiter enters a retrograde period on December 8.  This will be a time to reevaluate our beliefs both collectively and individually.  Truth and justice may finally prevail.

To find out how all this relates to you, drop a line to schedule an appointment for a natal and transit chart consultation.


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