Along the Path: One Way Ticket to Maya


Maya, a Sanskrit term, means illusion that conceals the divine from us.  The illusion is what we call the “real world”, or the world of our mundane lives.  We become entrapped in illusion and it keeps us from making true spiritual progress.  To many Eastern spiritualities, it’s a very negative state to be in.

Look at it this way:  you are plugging along on your spiritual path, learning, taking classes, joining groups and generally making progress.  Then all of a sudden you loose your job and you plunge into depression and all your spiritual progress goes out the window.  You have become steeped in Maya.

It’s happened to me many times.  But the interesting thing I’ve found is that usually after wading through Maya, I make a giant leap on the path.  Maya has a purpose and that’s to bring out the remaining darkness in our souls and give us an opportunity to allow the Light in.

My spiritual awakening came after a very traumatic “Dark Night of the Soul” (see previous blogs).  I was in so much emotional pain that I had no choice but to seek out new ways to heal it, because the old ones weren’t working.

And I did.  I learned Reiki, past life regression, Chakra Therapy, Tarot, Crystal Healing, meditation and much more. Each modality brought another level of healing to me. Today, I teach many of these modalities.

So I think there are instances where Maya can be a good thing.  Those awful events that happen in life can be a catalyst to new growth, if you let them.

You can either view them as events that bring you down, or event that force you to grow and find new ways to cope.  The job loss.  Catastrophic illness.  Divorce.  Death.  These are all Maya call at you to fall down.  And you have a choice:  fall or grow.

Since you can’t escape Maya, the best choice is to grow and let in the Light.  This is probably the harder path, because you have to allow yourself to navigate the depths of human despair and sadness.  But there are many healers and Light workers along the path to help you on your journey.

And then it’s your turn to light the path for another.


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