My Favorite Tarot Decks

imagesThis is a new blog series on my favorite Tarot decks.  I learned to read Tarot in 1993 for my own personal healing and growth and later started reading professionally.  I do personal readings and also corporate and private events with my business partner, Lady Brenda McKoy.

I have different decks for different reading situations.  The first deck, The Tarot Illuminati,  I want to feature is my professional deck that I use for private clients.  I don’t use this deck when I read at large events because there are just too many hands on them and it’s an amazingly beautiful deck.

I also have a matching Tarot bag that features The Priestess card on the front.  It’s a totally sensual experience using this deck and it’s one of my two current favorites.

This deck was created by Kim Huggens and the artwork is by Erik C. Dunne.  It was first published by Lo Scarabeo in 2013. The word “Illuminati” does NOT refer to secret societies or Dan Brown novels.  It rather refers to the “Light of Wisdom” as is stated in the forward.  Light in this deck plays an important role as evidenced in the stars, sunlight, moon light, fire and lanterns. Light is the metaphor for enlightenment.

The deck itself is richly illustrated.  The back of the cards is green and gold and there is gold metallic on the edges which gives it a very rich feel.  The colors are quite vibrant and beautiful.

The deck has a Prince and Princess card instead of the usual Page and Knight cards.  I found that a bit confusing, as I’m used to the traditional meanings.  It takes some getting used to.

I would highly recommend this deck for a reader who already knows the meaning of the cards.  Though its Rider Waite based, the images are quite intricate and may be hard for a beginner to get to know.

I just noticed right now when trying to scan the cards featured in the photo here that the backs align to form a beautiful sunburst.  This deck is just amazing!

If you want to purchase this deck, and I highly recommend it, here is link to my own personal aStore on


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