Getting The Most From Your Tarot Reading


What can the Tarot do for you?  Is it merely a mysterious tool for predicting the future, when that tall, dark and handsome man is coming for you?  For predicting that perfect job opportunity?

It’s all this and more.  The Tarot is a tool of personal growth and can be used to answer many questions, such as:

1.  Problem solving.  The Tarot can suggest ways of solving your problems that perhaps you never thought of.

2.  Accessing the unconscious.  The Tarot can help to understand hidden motivations in yourself and with those you relate.

3. Understanding your true self.  It can be used to understand aspects of yourself that perhaps have perplexed you, or that you have developed.

4.  Personal affirmations.  You can use the Tarot to enhance you personal affirmations and to bring into your life things that are lacking.

5.  Peering into the past, present and future.  The Tarot can clarify events of the past, provide knowledge for events of the future and predict possible outcomes in the future.  The future, however, is not written in stone and can be changed through free will. That is one of the purposes of Tarot, to be able to make new and better outcomes.

6.  Understanding choices available.  The Tarot can help you to see the possible choices available and also the probable outcome of each choice.

7.  Understanding other’s feelings and motivations.  It can help you to understand why people do the things they do, and how their feelings affect you.

8. Personal growth. The Tarot can help you on your spiritual path and help you to grow to become the person you were meant to be.

9.  Connect with deceased love ones and ancestors.  It can help you to connect with those no longer with you and provide messages that can provide closure.

Of course, not all of the above happens in every reading.  It’s important to focus on specific areas or questions.  Before you get your Tarot reading, get clear in your head as to what you would want to explore.  Formulate some questions.  Do not expect your reader to read you mind.  This is not what Tarot is about.

On the subject of questions, it’s important to formulate them properly.  Avoid closed ended questions such as, “Does she love me?” and “Will I get a new job?” Ask rather, “What do I need to know most about my love life?”  “How can I improve my relationship with ______?”  “How can I improve my career?”  “What do I need to do to advance spiritually?”  “What is my soul’s purpose?”  “Does my deceased grandmother have anything to tell me?”

By formulating your questions correctly, you will receive the advice you need best.  Come to some level of acceptance with the advice you receive.  If you are desperately hoping your lover will come back but the reading doesn’t indicate this, accept it.  Even if the reading is incorrect and he/she does come back, you will be more at peace by accepting it.

For me, a Tarot reading is part cards and part Life Coach.  A client should always leave feeling hopeful and have some options at his or her disposal.  A reading should never be negative.  My job as a reader is to help a person through their issues rather than provide negativity that leaves someone feeling depressed and down.

On the subject of Death….readers do not predict death.  This is best left up to God/Goddess/Fate.  The Death card in the Tarot does not mean literal death.  It signifies rather the Death of all that holds you back, so that you can make a new beginning.

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