The Holidays Through the Signs

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Here’s how each sign should celebrate the holidays:

Aries: After a good morning run, make sure Aries has followed through on all the cooking and present wrapping.

Taurus: A leisurely scented bath is a good start to the day. Burn lots of lovely scented candles such as sugar cookie and holiday spice and serve a meal fit for a king.

Gemini: It’s a day of socializing for Gemini. Expect to be in a whirlwind of parties and activity, friends and laughter.

Cancer: Home and family are the bywords for Cancer. A lavish home cooked meal and the smell of pine reminiscent of home at the holidays complete the day.

Leo: A lavish, sparkly gift will titillate Leo’s soul. Then, a very elegant dinner with the fine china and crystal will be what Leo needs.

Virgo: Make sure the house is clean and tidy and the meal doesn’t include any mushrooms.

Libra: Beautiful decorations with harmonizing color and a romantic dinner with good presentation spent with their significant other is the way of the day.

Scorpio: Intensity is the key with Scorpio. Make sure the day is filled with love and family and lots of gifts.

Sagittarius: In the morning, start with a hike in the woods or up a mountain. You can spend the rest of the day visiting friends and relatives, the more the merrier.

Capricorn: The house has to be tidy and the dinner cooked to perfection. Don’t get in Capricorn’s way; they have it under control.

Aquarius: Something unique and not typical would work for Aquarius. After that, visits with friends talking about peace and harmony for the world is best.

Pisces: Write a holiday poem for Pisces and surround them family and love.

Enjoy your holidays!


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