Butterfly Totem


I’ve had the wonderful experience of visiting the San Diego Zoo Safari park during the month where the Butterfly Jungle was open to visitors.  This wonderful exhibit is only open once during each year.

When you enter it, you enter another world.  It’s almost like visiting another dimension.  The energy there is joyful, light and fluttery.  Hundreds of Butterflies flutter around, sometimes landing on people’s heads, but most often feeding off the beautiful flowers and plants that grace the exhibit.  Even though it’s usually crowded, the energy is feels the same.

Before I went, I read an article in the Zoo magazine that explained the life cycle of the Butterfly.  It begins its existence as a minute egg, and emerges as a caterpillar. Several times during the life of the caterpillar, it sheds its exoskeleton and grows into the next phase.  Finally, it pupates and from there it emerges as a beautiful Butterfly.  All this can happen in the space of a few weeks.

It made me think of what a powerful Totem Butterfly is for transformation.  It is a master of transformation, each time emerging greater than its former self.  It is able to shed its exterior when it no longer serves its growth.  When it is ready for its final transformation, it completely changes form into something so beautiful that thousands of people flock to see it each year at the Zoo Safari Park.

Butterfly mating is a long process where they remain joined for quite some time.  You can almost see the joy in their little faces, as they have no hang-ups or taboos.

We could all take a lesson from Butterfly.  Butterfly Totem is a metaphor and a lesson for us as human beings to let go of that which no longer serves us and allow ourselves to grow unimpeded. We need to rejoice in our physical bodies while we are here.  Our final transformation comes when we shed our bodies and fly away as beautiful spirit souls.


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