My Favorite Tarot Decks: Silver Witchcraft Tarot


This is a relatively new deck created by Barbara Moore and Franco Rivelli.

It’s a gorgeous deck: the quality of card stock is great and it’s edged in glittering silver; very pagan. It’s Rider Waite based in meaning, but many of the illustrations deviate greatly from the Rider Waite deck.

The images are pretty simplistic, multi cultural and pagan based. I especially love the Death card. I have found that images of skeletons and dead people sometimes freak out clients. This deck merely shows a coffin, a discarded robe, a caterpillar, butterfly and a rising sun….wonderful metaphor for the Death card without be morbid.

There’s an entire system of reading these cards described in the accompanying booklet. It’s helpful to be pagan to understand it. Or you can just read the cards as you would the Rider Waite deck, but it’s essential to know the Rider Waite meanings prior to attempting to read this deck this way because many of the cards are so different.

The backs of the cards are also beautiful. They are blue with the symbol for the phases of the Goddess: )0( .


This deck has great reviews and can be purchased on Amazon. You can even purchase a matching bag to go with the deck. This one has the Moon card on it…I’ve taken to purchasing matching bags for my new decks.

You can purchase this deck and bag at my store on Amazon.



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