My Special Once a Year Tarot Spread

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Every year around this time, I offer a special Tarot spread of New Year’s Predictions that cover each month of the coming year, as well as an overall card for the year. This spread will give you a pretty good idea of what the coming year will be like and will answer questions like: Will I move? Will I get a new job? Will I meet that special someone? Will I take any trips? Will I advance spiritually? Will I have a baby? Will I divorce?

It gives a pretty good picture of the coming year. Like the Ace of Wands that is pictured, it offers great illumination and insights. My readings are always positive, and highlight ways to mitigate challenges and have positive outcomes. I don’t believe in negative readings. Every problem has a solution and one of my jobs as a Life Coach is to help my clients find them.

It’s more of a flow than a specifically dated spread. I use the Voyager Tarot, which gives a pretty good picture of what is coming. This is the only time I use this deck and since I’ve been offering these New Year’s Readings for years, it’s pretty well conditioned!

I only offer it until the middle of January, so if you’re interested, send me an email. Cost is only $35. Payment is rendered via Paypal invoice, so you can use your credit card. I also offer gift certificates.

I also offer regular Tarot readings for $50.00 per half hour. That price will go up in January.

Have a wonderful Holiday and 2015!


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