The Raven, The Egret and the Koi, Part I


I am awakened this morning with the frantic,croaky, “caw, caw, caw” of the large Raven that lives in the beautiful pine tree in the yard. “Big bird in the yard! Big bird in the yard!” is the urgent message I get. I drag myself out of bed, stagger to the window, and there he is, raider of our beloved pond Koi. A huge, majestic white Egret is standing in the pond, picking off the Koi and Goldfish we so joyfully cultivated.

I first got wind of the attack when I found a white feather on the ground a week ago. The pond has taken on a very quiet profile, rather than the joyful feeding frenzies we had formerly witnessed. Whatever fish are left are deeply hidden somewhere amid the lily roots and rocks. Their terror permeates the morning air.

Even the grumpy old Peach tree seems to shake his head. All of nature stands by and allows the plundering of our pond, because, after all, that’s the nature of things.

What does it all mean? Raven brings magick, shapeshifting and creation. Koi urge us to look for new opportunities and take advantage of them. From Egret we learn balance; the ability to progress and evolve — and to walk into deeper waters without fear.

Perhaps we need to look deeper for our new opportunities. Maybe they are hidden deep within the depths of our psyches, like the Koi hidden amongst the lily pads. Water lilies urge us to trust our psychic intuitions and creative energies and bring new opportunities for prosperity and wealth. Perhaps Egret is urging us to go deeper; to access our deeply hidden talents, to move forward and create something meaningful and fulfilling. All of these totems suggest new creation and maybe a very exciting future waits for us on the horizon. At least, that’s the way I choose to look at it.


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