The Raven, The Egret and The Koi, Part II


All is not lost! This morning we see many fish in the pond, breeding frantically on the fringes as all creatures do in the Spring…. apparently they hide themselves so well that our Egret friend cannot get to them. They have not come out until that breeding urge overpowers their urge for survival.

The Raven stands proudly on the roof and caws, as if to say, “See, I warned you and you came and scared the Egret away. I saved the day.” Of course, I thank him heartedly and wonder at the resiliency of life. There is enough for all, a few fish for the Egret, and lots of fat Koi to go on to lay their eggs for the next generation.

I marvel at the abundance of the Universe, the resiliency of the Koi, the persistence of the Egret, and the brilliance of the Raven. But most of all, I marveled at that lengths that we animals will go to reproduce!


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