Afraid to Get a Tarot Reading?


I’ve had many people over the years tell me that they were initially afraid to get a reading because they might hear something really negative or get the “Death” card.

Well, first things first, the Death card does not mean a literal death. It means clearing away all that no longer serves you to make room for new energy to come in. It’s not always comfortable but it’s always necessary in order to move forward and grow. It may look ominous, but if you take a closer peek, you will see that the Sun is rising in the distance; night is over and morning has broken. So be happy if you see the Death card.

There are some Tarot readers out there who predict awful things and tell you that you have a curse or whatnot, but these are scam artists and not ethical readers. Keep away from them.

Most of us prefer to leave our clients feeling hopeful. The reading is merely the way the cards are stacked at this point in time. Nothing is written in stone, so there is always the option to change things. A reading should give you constructive suggestions as to how to make the future bright. You should never fear the future,

It’s also not ethical to predict death and catastrophic illness. We are not gods and not doctors, so we don’t make medical predictions. It is not our job to predict death and illness.

Our job is to tell you what the future holds in a positive, enlightening way. There is always a way out and there is always hope. Our job as psychics and Tarot readers is to help you to see that and to have our clients leave feeling positive.


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