2015: A Universal Eight Year


2015 is a Universal eight year.  That means that all of humanity will experience the energy of the number eight in numerology.  The Universal year is calculated by adding the numbers of the year together and reducing to a single digit.

For example:  2+0+1+5=8.

Eight years are years of abundance and expansion, harvest and prosperity and above all a balancing out.  This means that all those things in the world that were unbalanced or extreme will come back into some semblance of balance.  It’s a year of taking control of things that had perhaps spun out of control. Truth tends to come out during an eight year.

To find your own personal year, which begins a month or so before your birthday, add your birth date and month numbers to the Universal year.  For example, my birthday, June 24 will be 6+2+4=12.  Further break it down to 1+2=3.  Add to the Universal year, 3+8=11.  So it will be an eleven year for me.  Since 11 (like 22 and 33) is a Master Number, we don’t break it down any further.

Here’s what it all means:

1 Year:  New beginnings

2 Year: Gestation, love affairs

3 Year: Growth, travel and self expression

4 Year: Work, building, finances

5 Year:  Changes

6 Year:  Marriage, changes in home

7 Year: Reflection, rest after work, spirituality

8 Year: Money, practicality, balancing out

9 Year: Tying up loose ends

10 (1) Year:  End of a cycle, new beginnings

If you would like to know more about numerology, purchase Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker.  It’s a classic.

Have a very wonderful New (Eight) Year!

PS You can find the book in my Amazon Store:



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