My New Favorite Tarot Deck


Yes, I know, it changes.  I collect Tarot Decks, so I am always buying a new one when it catches my fancy.

My current favorite is The Victorian Fairy Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone and illustrated by Gary A. Lippincott.  It’s a very sweet and whimsical deck, with lovely sepia soaked pleasing colors and images. The fairies are the tiny cute winged ones of Victorian times.

Let me preface by saying that I use decks according to my venue.  I thought this would be great for a venue with young adults as the images are not in any way threatening like some of them can be, and are really quite beautiful.

I thought this deck would be difficult to use because even thought it’s loosely Rider Waite based, many of the words have been changed.  For example, Wands become Spring, Cups Summer, Pentacles Autumn and Swords Winter.  I actually remembered that easily, and I found it’s helpful when trying to do timing for a client.

I do particularly pay attention to The Death card in decks I use.  If it’s a venue where the traditional Death card would be too alarming, I prefer to take a softer deck.  This one is quite beautiful.  It features a group of Fairies saying goodbye to a dead bird….while I personally find this sadder than the traditional Death card, it’s perfect for clients.

The other major changes occur in the Major Arcana.  The Magician become the Conjurer, The Heirophant the Vicar, The Lovers The Fairy Bride, etc.  Some do retain their Rider Waite names such as The Fool, Temperance, The Sun.

All and all it’s a very beautiful deck and I’m enjoying using it.

You can purchase it as always in Ravenhawk’s Amazon Store.


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