All About the Tarot, Part I by Christine Star Mountain


Christine Star Mountain was an amazing psychic, Tarot reader and astrologer and a dear friend.  She was one of the most educated people I knew.  She studied metaphysics in depth for most of her life, dedicated herself to helping people on their path and earned the self imposed title, “Spiritual Archaeologist”.  She is truly missed.

Following is an article she wrote on the Tarot.


The Tarot is probably the most misunderstood of the occult sciences or known divinatory oracles..  Up until very recently, the Tarot was always associated with the prediction of dreaded events, ominous people or circumstances, death and destruction and dire omens of doom or certain catastrophe.  The practice of this kind of prediction was frown upon, considered superstitious hog wash or ignorant superstition by the intellectual and scientific community.  And the religious community not only frowned upon “fortune telling”  with cards, religious leaders outright condemned the Tarot as “tools of the devil himself”! The ignorance and misunderstanding of the average person about the positive or spiritual use of Tarot is still widespread.

Contemporary people formed their opinion from the advertisements by the psychic 800 lines promising fame, fortune and true love for anyone who called.  This contributed to even further cynicism and distrust of this sacred spiritual tool.  Most people who called these lines in hope of changing their lives for the better were duped into spending $3.99 per minute ($240 per hour) and kept on the line as long as the “psychic reader” would stretch their “predictions”.  Although some of these readers were truly psychic, many were simply ordinary people earning a living,

Another misuse of the Tarot is usually attributed to the “gypsies” and plain old “fortune telling”.  Think of all the Palmistry and Tarot signs, with the mysterious hand that displayed the palm lit up with neon lighting promising to “reveal your future”. She promises to light a candle to remove the curse someone placed on you.  And when that doesn’t work, she has even stronger mojo to keep your family from harm!  All at an enormous cost to you!

The movie and television industry has also promoted the fearful image of Tarot.  Almost without fail, the fortune teller in the movies places down the Death card.  And notice the reader’s face, aghast with horror at the tragedy she must reveal as she describes the meaning of this ominous card!  She cryptically warns of impending death, danger or catastrophe.

It’s no wonder the average person is suspicious, leery or frightened by the Tarot.  The inexperienced or first time client enters your office with trepidation and sits with frozen terror ingrained upon their face!  It is as if you are about to reveal a dreaded secret from which there is no escape! They sit there anxiously awaiting their fate.

If the client comes to the reading in a state of fear, one of the sacred responsibilities we have as consultant is to encourage that person, help them find positive options and solutions to their problems and find methods that dispel their fears, replacing them with hope. Any questions that are asked by the client are answered honestly and sincerely in order to bring the client to peace of mind, rather than reinforce their fears.

Stay tuned for “Part II, What the Tarot Is” by Christine Star Mountain.


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