Full Moon in Leo Meditation


The Full Moon for the month of February occurs on February 3, 2015 at 3:09 PST.  This month’s Full Moon is in Leo, the opposite sign of the Sun.  A Full Moon occurs when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun.

You can utilize the energy of the Full Moon to manifest things in your life.  The things you can best manifest follow the energy of the astrological sign and phase of the Moon.  When the Moon is in Leo, it’s time for love affairs, creativity, personal recognition, and time with children.

To prepare for your meditation, take a cleansing bath by adding a little sea salt or Epsom salt and essential oil to your water.  Choose an oil like lavender or sandalwood.  Dry and dress yourself in loose, comfortable clothes. You can cleanse the space you are using by burning a little white Sage. Weather permitting, position yourself in the light of the Full Moon to do your meditation.  If you cannot, sit comfortably by a window that allows the moonlight into your room. You can light a candle to help you focus.

If you have any crystals, it’s a good time to charge them in the moonlight.  Let them remain in the light for a couple of hours.

Place your bare feet upon the ground or floor, and visualize a connection between the souls of your feet and the Earth.

Close your eyes and begin to relax, allowing relaxation to start with your feet, move up your legs, to your thighs, through your belly, chest, shoulders, neck and head.  Watch your breath for a few moments to clear your mind.

Look up at the Moon and let yourself be bathed in the moonlight. Take your time.   Visualize that which you wish to manifest in your life, be it a love affair, a creative project, personal recognition, a child or time with your children.  See yourself living your dream in detail.  Experience how it feels.

Relax into your visualization for a few moments.  When you feel complete with it, bring your attention back to the room or area you are in.  Ground the energy you have raised through the bottoms of your feet into the ground.

Watch in the days before the New Moon for your manifestation to materialize.


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