The Placebo Effect

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I’ve really come to laugh at scientists who do medication studies. Or I would laugh if it wasn’t so serious. They use one group to take their medication and another group studies the “Placebo Effect”. The placebo pill is filled with sugar.  A certain percentage of people will get well with the placebo. They then evaluate their medication and decide whether they will market it and make a fortune.  They ignore the elephant in the room:  A CERTAIN PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE GET WELL WITH THE PLACEBO!  What does this say about the power of the human mind?

The human mind can make us sick and it can make us well.  It’s a powerful tool we have to use in our healing process.  And unfortunately, it’s a powerful means to create illness, both mental and physical.

I don’t really understand why science ignores this little fact and continues to flood us with medications that have side effects such as “lymphoma”, “allergic reaction”, even “death”.   Well, ok, there’s the profit factor. I hate to think that, but it’s there….

Positive affirmations and thoughts should be a part of everyone’s healing process.  No, I don’t suggest abandoning your doctor and simply stating affirmations, but our medical system totally ignores the state of the human mind during medical crisis.

I recently did a healing for a woman who had a stroke, followed by an intestinal blockage and mass on her ovaries.  She had five major surgeries in the space of a year and a half and she was barely 50 years old.  She was handicapped by the stroke and had to deal with the other major medical issues in its aftermath.  And I can tell you, she was a wreck.  Never once did her doctors suggest any kind of mental health care or support group or energy healer.  I think this is the norm rather than the exception.  In a world where a doctor specializes in, for example, the hand, no one treats the patient holistically.  As for my client, I was really worried that her state of mind would induce another stroke.

I suppose that’s why I became a healer and Reiki Master.  Because I believe in a holistic approach.  Healing must occur in body, mind and spirit in order to truly last.

That’s the true miracle of The Placebo Effect.


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