What is Fate?

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If you read Tarot and study Astrology professionally like I do, at some point you have to consider what the definition of fate is. One would think I’d be a fatalist and believe that everything is written in stone, but in fact I really don’t.

There are two thoughts that mitigate fate. One is that a reading, whether it’s Astrology or Tarot, is fated only for that time, the moment of the reading. And the other is the very human factor of free will.

Fate is the opportunity; free will is what you make of it. When you analyse an Astrology chart, it represents the path your soul has chosen before taking incarnation. It represents the opportunity to balance karma, learn lessons and fulfil your potential. All that was decided before incarnating. It’s like laying out a standing row of dominoes. At the moment of completion, the dominoes are “fated” to fall in a certain pattern. Remove one, and they will fall differently. Fate is the row of dominoes, your free will can remove some to make the row fall in a different pattern.

Do I think that a Tarot reading or an Astrology chart is absolute? No I don’t. Both are information that can provide you with possibilities. The information can cause you to make another choice, to change your karma, and have a different outcome. Some people in fact ignore the lesson altogether and things get worse. But one way or another, this is why we have the reading or consultation, to make the best informed choices.

No, we can’t change all of it. What we can change is how we respond to it. We can choose to learn our lessons. rather than fighting them. Many of us are like fish swimming upstream, when we can easily go with the flow of the river. We can choose to mitigate our negative karma through good deeds and kind acts. Karma by the way, is simply the act of balancing.

I guess I’m thinking about all this because a friend of mine had an Astrology reading many years ago and was told that he would die in a certain year. And the truth is, he almost died that year. BUT HE DIDN’T. He had made a conscious choice to bring healing and enlightenment to many people. He worked tirelessly for many years doing so. I think he may have well mitigated that karma, if it in fact did exist at all.

I’ve studied the Astrology of death. I’ve done a lot of reading on the subject and I’ve collected and studied charts of those who passed at their moment of death for almost 20 years. There are definite death transits that are present when people die. But what is totally true is that these transits occur all the time. 99% of the time you don’t die.

I don’t think our time of death is fated. For one thing, we are subject to the free will of others, whether it’s a person who chooses to drive drunk or a government who chooses to indulge in war. For another, we are free to receive medical care that evolves all the time. And we are free to seek out healers who can help us to achieve results that may not have happened otherwise. For example, if you are experiencing a transit that can make you an accident magnet, you slow down and think twice before crossing lanes in heavy traffic. You stay away from an icy walkway or you take those steps without running. In that sense, perhaps Astrology can help you to be mindful of POTENTIAL for accidents, not state that an accident is FATED.

Another factor to consider is that my friend’s astrologer who predicted his death is relying on ancient Vedic astrological principles that may not even apply today. Things have changed since then. And so has Astrology. Western Astrology has become more humanistic and compassionate and less fate oriented than in previous time. To me, it’s more about learning who you truly are and understand your mission here on planet Earth. Ancient Astrology was full of gloom and doom and malefic planets.

I for one, as a Psychic, Tarot reader and Astrologer, would NEVER predict death for anyone. It’s irresponsible and I AM NOT GOD. I have personally seen the damage such a prediction can do. How do you live a healthy life when it’s in the back of your mind that you will die in a certain year? Never underestimate the power of the human mind…..the human mind can heal and it can kill.

I think a reading should be about hope and options. I try to give my clients several options to move from whatever negative situation they are in to one of hope and positive outcome. I try to help them see and understand how each option may play out. I help them to understand who they are and why they are here, and to seek out avenues that will help them on their path. I help them set goals to realize their dreams and aspirations. THAT’S the job of the Astrologer and reader. Sort of a life coach with inside information!


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