5 Steps to Manifesting a New Career

Feeling stuck with your present career, or is it just a job?  Well, you don’t have to sit around and dream, you can manifest a new career by taking ACTION.  Let’s get started.

1.  Market your heart.  In order to manifest success, it must come from your heart.  It’s possible to manifest money by choosing a career with financial gain as the sole goal, but true success comes from a feeling of personal satisfaction and fulfilment.  I always ask myself, how will I look back and evaluate my life at the end of it? Will I be able to say I manifested happiness and self-fulfilment, or did I just make lots of money to spend in Bloomingdale’s?  In my life, I’ve had both, but at different times.  Having a lot of money did not make me happy. What really made me happy was choosing a career later in life as a coach, counselor and healer.  Nothin I could buy could compete with the wonderful feeling I get when a client overcomes a major block and has an “aha” moment. So, if you want to manifest a new career, look deep into your heart and see what’s there.  Go back to your youth and childhood and remember how you visualized yourself before you were told what to see.  You might find a very different person.

2.  Get realistic about your strengths and weaknesses.  If you truly don’t enjoy human interaction, stay away from sales,retail, and the healing professions.  Play to your strengths.Make a list of your assests and preferences and evaluate what you see.  I see so many people in careers they are not suited for and consequently they are miserable.  I recommend taking as many online personality tests as you can find.  If you still feel lost, consult an astrologer.  Career and soul purpose can easily be determined from your birth chart.

3.  Once you’ve figured out #1 and #2, it is time to evaluate your education and training.  If you don’t have a college degree and don’t want or can’t get one, consider vocational training that offers a certificate. Vocational training will move you into a new career in a relatively short amount of time and the certificate will get you in the door.  Some of the careers my clients have chosen include:  massage therapist, acupuncturist, nursing and healthcare, chef, dog groomer, x-ray technician and paralegal.  They choices are diverse. If you are college inclined, for such careers as lawyer, psychologist, business manager, entrepreneur, or architecture, a master’s degree may be necessary.  There are many programs that can assist you with your tuition, and many employers will help with tuition.

4.  Set your goals.  Having a clear set of attainable goals is essential.  It’s also important to define a reasonable timeline for achieving your goals.  Also, by breaking down your master plan into steps allows you a continuing feeling of achievement and can keep you on track if you have a tendency to be distracted or to procrastination.  In the beginning, set your goals for 3 months, 6 months, one year, two years and five years.  This will keep you on track and focused.  If this process is difficult for you, consult a life coach who can help you to set and prioritize goals.

You may be lucky enough to be able to attend your training program or schooling full time, or it may be necessary to continue working at your old job while training for a new career.  In any event, keep focused on your goal so you don’t become discouraged. If you do, remember to always focus on your goal.

5.  Use daily affirmations and visualizations to ensure your success.  “I am manifesting my new career every day.” is a good starting affirmation.  Visualize yourself working at your new career, daydream your daily schedule and the details of your work day.  See yourself feeling satisfied and accomplished, and visualize taking your grand pay checks to the bank!

As a life coach, I have found that people tend to get bogged down focusing on the steps to a goal, rather than the goal itself.  So don’t waste time thinking about how long you will have to work on your current job before you can manifest a new career.  Always keep the goal foremost in your mind.

Place little post it notes around your house with your affirmations.  Create a vision board and place it where you can see it last thing at night and first thing in the morning.  Cut out pictures that represent your new career, such as people doing the type of work you would like to do.  If your dream is to work at a zoo, for example, find photos of zoo animals and their keepers for your vision board.

Changing your career won’t be easy, but it may be the best thing you do for yourself.  With proper goal setting and manifestation skills, you can make your career dreams a reality.


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